021: Dough-Re-ME

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE group witnessed… y’know what, I haven’t done a false recap in a while, and nobody needs to remember what happened previously. So here I go with the false recap! --- Previously, the BPE group assembled their team into the Lost Volcano Dungeon and rescued the Evil Princess! When they realized it was the wrong person, they put her life in danger again by taking her back and rescued the Good Princess! All in a day’s work! Danger though, as the volcano is about to erupt! Will they escape?! If not… who gets to keep the RV?


The group has traveled a fair distance north since their lunch. About an hour after eating, they decide to take a break by walking along the sand again. Ken manages an easy parking spot this time. They being their walk on Allison Park. They decide to split up a little bit just to give themselves some spacious moments alone. The Messerolls decide to walk together. As they’re walking, Ken stumbles upon something light brown sticking out of the sand a little bit. When he picks it up, it happens to be a wallet. He discovers a loose check that is ready to cast nearly 500 grand. Break time is over as Jessica summons everybody to them. It’s decided that they must find a police station to report it. The group assemble back into the RV as Jessica looks for the closest police station, and finds it. They take the short 3-minute drive to Miami Beach Police Sub Station.

Only Ken and Jess go inside while the others stay in the RV, though Ashley and James get out a bit to observe the scenery. Inside, Ken and Jess find the main desk and report the wallet. It doesn’t take long to find its owner as the officer calls the owner over to retrieve it. The man is most grateful and appreciative. Before they leave, the man pleads to accept a reward for finding it and bringing it. (with of course, the check intact) He writes up a new check for $10,000. The officers can only smile as Ken receives a reward for his honesty. The man graciously thanks him and takes off. The officer compliments Ken on his action. Ken is now a ten-thousand-aire!

Jessica decides it’s her turn to play a practical joke, and goes over it with Ken on their way back to the RV. Once they arrive there, James has to wonder if there was any kind of award. He decides to ask them. Ken pulls out his wallet, then a single dollar bill then blurts “one dollar!”. The reward money was only a dollar! (for the record, the man was already gone, in case any of you thought he might hear and disrespect that comment – no officers heard either) The group is a bit stunned, but have their disbeliefs. Ken then casually says he was just kidding and got ten-thousand then quickly tries to change the subject by saying “okay let’s continue our ride”. “Ten-thousand!” Ashley blurts. Ken again tries to change the subject as he wants to move on. He did his good deed, now he just wants to be calm. Ken then makes a proclamation, he is offering full ownership of the RV to James as he’s now thinking of buying a new car while in Florida. Was this said too soon? Nah! Some do like the idea though, as it would make great use for parking. Lawrence thinks about using his car, but is curious about the gas. Assuming that the group is only in Miami for a limited time, he decides it wouldn’t be too bad. Lawrence then brings up the idea. Jessica seems okay with that. Ken then agrees that they’ll go car shopping. James though, while he likes the RV, isn’t too sure about wanting it for his own, as he’d also like to get a new car, despite not being able to afford it. He thinks on trading the RV for a car, though, but for now, holds onto the idea of keeping the RV.

The group finds a bank where Ken goes to cash his check. Jessica again goes in with him while others stay in the RV. Ken and Jess caught the bank at a busy time as the lunch period is over, and there’s many people in line. Among the people, and way ahead of them, is the gentleman whom was reunited with his wallet. He’s there to cash in his $500,000 check. As he’s on his way out, he notices Ken and Jess and again compliment them, but he doesn’t say what as to not get the other people too concerned knowing what Ken has. The man assumes correctly without 100% knowledge of it.

Meanwhile in the RV, it’s a rewind to the previous night as the BPE group try to get Ashley to sing something, but she keeps declining. Finally, James finds something to Ashley’s interest, and decides to go for it, without Mara’s help this time. She’s applauded after her finished, despite her red face. James tells her it’s a start, as they plan to go to another karaoke place in the evening. Ashley gasps, but James tells her he’s only kidding, though nobody really knows for sure as there haven’t been plans.

Next Adventure: Being vewy vewy quiet, Ken and Jess go caw hunting, hahahahaha. No, they’re not searching for a caw, but a car! Will they find their new ride?

Completed: January 22nd, 2013
Submitted: February 22nd, 2013

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