020: Where the Buffalo Wings Roam

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the group went south (for the winter!.. no, not really) onward to Southe Point Park for a small walk. James went to the end of a line of rocks. Jessica took pictures of the four that went that way. Ken sneezed and his lungs fell out… okay, that was a lie. What’s not, though, is they all enjoyed their time there. It’s now lunch time! Where to go… where to go…


While Ken drives north, Jessica and Mara look at Google maps to find a place to break and eat lunch. Mara believes to have found a good place. “Buffalo Wings & Rings”. They look at an official site and deem it do-able. So Ken is given the directions. Soon, after more parking peril, they get out and enter.

A worker greets them and lets them sit a couple vacant tables under a canopy. After moments of decisions, they place their orders. Afterwards while the worker heads back, it’s time to chill and talk. The group go over plans to continue their day. They opt to simply leave Miami Beach once they’ve finished their food, but will keep north for a while.

Before long, the group’s food arrives and they begin to eat. Before any more discussion can be done, they’re ultimately treated to an argument between a couple. The girl appears to be angry at her boyfriend for a reason nobody knows. The guy then claims she mistreats him constantly. The girl then says it’s because he mistreats her and has no respect for her family. While all awkward, other people wonder if it might not be staged in one way, but it doesn’t appear as such.

The drama continues until finally, workers ask them to quiet down or leave. They agree, but again, get into another argument. A worker then threatens a police call. The guy says “do it!”. Worker then decides to call the police, but before he does, the couple leaves. Is the drama over? Hopefully.

A few minutes later, the guy would end up returning. He randomly approaches Mara of all people and asks her if his girl was out of line. Mara can’t utter a word and raises her shoulders a bit. Just then, the girl happens to return and sees her guy talking to Mara. She shouts and asks if he’s found himself a new girlfriend. The guy claims they’re just friends. All Mara can think is “friends?”. The girl then believes he thinks Mara is prettier than her. The guy says “maybe”! The girl then continues to shout words to him. The workers hear the shouting and see it’s the same two people. This time, the police are called. Mara politely asks the guy to step away, but the guy doesn’t want to. In the most random of times, Ken makes a nice belch, one that the guy compliments him on claiming how cool it is. What’s odd, is so does the girl. Suddenly, the two agree at how great it was, then talk as if they’re the best friends ever. The two kiss, apologize to each other and walk away. The BPE group simply continue eating while Mara tries to understand what happened.

Finally, the group have all finished eating and prepare their leave again. On their way back to the RV, they encounter the couple again, and again, they’re arguing. The group is unsure whether to just stand there or keep passing. Deeming them pass-safe, they decide to just walk by. Before they could get very far, the girl calls out to them and asks which of the girls her guy friend likes. The group tries to walk by more, but the girl cuts in front of them. Ken tries to kindly ask for her step out of the way, but she insanely disrespects him. The police show up a moment later. They see the group, and Brenna sees them. She points to the couple, who witness, then flee. The police calmly turn around and head their direction. The BPE group shake off that little experience then make it to the RV.

Finally, the group can digest their lunch as they continue their travel north in Miami Beach. Will any more drama ensue? Hopefully not. Lawrence is still thinking how somewhat odd his first full-day with the BPE group has been, and it’s only been about 4 hours! The clock strikes 1, and off they go!

Next Adventure: The group continue their journey north in Miami Beach. Will one act of honesty prove to be another huge benefit and reign of luck to Ken and the rest of the group?

Completed: January 22nd, 2013
Submitted: February 15th, 2013

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