018: Miami Beached

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the entire BPE group began traveling in the RV touring islands to the east of Miami. The big wonder though was if they should be doing that with an RV or even having the RV. Speaking of the RV…


“SERIOUSLY! Who’s the owner of the RV? Is it Ken’s? James’? Does it belong to both of you? Well, whatever, both of you are responsible, so it’ll be you two fixing this mess!” says Mara with a knowledge as to why Ken and/or James would fail to have put more gas into the RV as it runs dry on them. Ken and James look to each other and figure both of them are responsible, but would be a good idea to eventually give the RV an actual owner.

The group sit by the RV not being able to go anywhere for a while. Lawrence tells James that this can be payback for the false-room prank. James accepts that as him and Ken decide they should go get gas. They were hopeful that some passersby would offer any, but Miami seems too busy at the moment, so Ken and James decide best to walk for it. Fortunately for them, they’re in a busy area, so a walk to get gas shouldn’t be too hard. Ken was also sure than while now off of 5th road, thought to have seen a BP gas station, so they wouldn’t be lost searching. Ashley decides to join them figuring they could use extra company.

Lawrence isn’t sure what to make of being the only BPE guy in the group, but figures it was expected eventually. However, he may wish to join Ken, Ashley and James as Brenna asks Lawrence to entertain them. Mara tells him to make it good while Jessica agrees, and Jamie is enjoying the scenery. The group wants to walk around, but decide staying near the RV in the middle of the road is more important. This is not the start to the a 4-day weekend Lawrence was hoping for, and wondered if these 4 days would be a fluke.

While on their walk to BP, Ken, Ashley and James look around at what businesses are active and where people go. James spots a Walgreen and wants to get an AriZona, but knows it’s not the time for it. It’ll be another few blocks before they reach the gas station. So they make due with chatter, though not much comes to mind except planning for the days ahead.

Back at the RV, the girls play around with Jamie while Lawrence stays near the RV. Mara does some small hide and seek games with Jamie while Jess enjoys it and Brenna listens to music. Brenna then decides to get a little close to the beach, seeing as Ken and the others would be a little bit. Jamie then wants to follow her, but Jess stops her from doing so.

Moments later having secured a gas can and gas, (no idea how) Ken, Ashley, and James make their way back to the group. Still looking around at the same places while admiring the scenery of the town. Seeing as Ken is carrying the gas container, James thinks a quick visit to Walgreens isn’t out of the question. Ken gives James a head start. Before anything can happen, though, they see Jessica driving the RV past them. Jessica pulls into BP with it as Ken, Ash, and James all head back that direction. As it turns out, a noble person filled up a little bit for them, enough to take it to the gas station. Ken, Ash, and James all drop to the ground having walked for nothing. In any case, they can fill up the RV, by using what gas Ken has. In the least, they have a new gas container.

With the RV completely filled, the group are all assembled again with Ken back in the driver’s seat. Ken heads back east onto 5th street and then north close to where it went out on them. Finally, the group can progress north! Ken and James are in the hopes that nothing else is wrong with the RV.

Next Adventure: The touring of Miami Beach continues! Also – it’s a serious plot twist that Ken or James should have signed for the RV at the competition area in Cincinnati, so why hasn’t that part been mentioned? This series is full of problems! Whatever, though! Let’s forget that and move onto more of Miami Beach!

Completed: January 21st, 2013
Submitted: February 13th, 2013

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