016: Ken He Do It?

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE’s time to karaoke began! Jamie popped some eardrums, James and Jessica were applauded with their solo takes at it. Lawrence currently stands in front of the mic ready to go! Will his nerves calm down and get an applause as well?

016: KEN HE DO IT?

^^Applause^^ ------ An applause is made after a waiter dropped a glass of beer, just as Lawrence was ready to sing! The music hasn’t stopped though, and now Lawrence has lost is train of thought. The KJers stop the music and get ready to start it back up after the mess is cleaned up and the waiter heads back to the kitchen. Lawrence, believing he couldn’t do any worse situation with the beer spilling, decides to let his fear go. The music begins once again and on the beats, Lawrence begins! It becomes the longest 3 minutes of Lawrence’s life, but because nobody expects anybody to be perfect at karaoke, since it’s supposed to be fun, Lawrence does get cheered for. Lawrence relieves the stress as he heads back to his seat. The BPE commend him on a nice performance.

As Lawrence’s reward, he gets to select the next person to go up. Deciding not to choose someone who’d already been up there, that left him with more than plenty of options. Brenna, Mara, Ashley and Ken. Lawrence’s decision: Brenna. Brenna glares at him with an evil intent so evil, it’s pure evil! (Oh look, found the next word I’ll kill off). Brenna declines, and gets pressured by not only the BPE, but the other customers at Red Koi. Brenna shrugs and goes on up to search a song while at least being applauded for going up.

The spotlight is on Brenna now as she goes through song selections. Many of them being passed as she doesn’t recognize them. Finally, a sudden jolt and she gets ready to do something not having selected a song. She begins with her own improv-rap as she goes about talking about how she doesn’t sing and doesn’t want to. The customers and staff of Red Koi are speechless as they don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing. To end it. Brenna announces who she’s choosing next to go up. In Brenna’s very clever way of doing so, she rhymes out her final gig and names Ashley as the next to go up. Ashley from her seat ducks for cover. Brenna receives a huge round of applause that outdoes what the other BPE members before Brenna received. Even so much that some fans are calling for an encore. Brenna states that it’s all she has as she confidently heads back to her seat with a smile. “Your turn, Ashley” Brenna says, but Ashley is far from wanting to do this. Though she’s very good at singing, she doesn’t want to do it in front of people.

Ashley, being the next youngest only to Jamie, Mara feels that she could perhaps try a duo gig. Mara offers it to Ashley, who accepts and goes up. After agreeing and getting ready to go. Jamie once again has snuck up and grabbed a mic and has begun singing her ABCs. The crowd goes “awww” over it. Jessica wonders why Ken (who is closer to the stage than Jess who’d would need Ken to get out of her way) doesn’t just go and get Jamie. She has a feeling that some people think their girl have irresponsible parents. Ken says not to worry cause of how much the people like her. Finally, Mara takes Jamie back to Ken as she gets ready for a duo with Ashley.

The crowd soon applauds Mara and Ashley after their solo gig. Ashley feeling a little confident in the future to try it solo, but for now, enjoyed the duo with Mara. Finally the only BPE member unaccounted for, Ken, is to have his turn. Ken, like Brenna, Ashley, and Lawrence, refuses. Suddenly, though, something comes to mind. Ken departs from his seat and goes to talk to the KJs. After a 10 minute wait, Ken is ready to begin!

The final preparations are made as the BPE group look on intently. At last, cue the music! The music selected is The Blue Danube. As soon as it starts, James to himself says “oh no!” and covers his ears. Suddenly, Ken begins to burp out The Blue Danube. Something very shocking and amazing that he has the crowed in tears laughing. The BPE group doesn’t know what to think. Jess has Jamie turned away from her dad possibly scarring them for life. After the finish, Ken receives the best applause over anybody else in the BPE. When he heads back to his seat, people line up for autographs.

Next Adventure: The first full day is over and it’s time to awaken to Day 2! Lawrence begins a stretch of four whole days off, and plans to use them wisely.

    • P.S.: If you want to be spared in seeing utter stupidity, then don’t see this inspiration for Ken’s part of this story.

Completed: January 20th, 2013
Submitted: February 11th, 2013

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