015: Raw Singing

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE 7 and Lawrence in respective areas finally begun to make their way to Red Koi for their first meet. Along the way, the group endured a nice ride to get there. The first highlight of the night though was at Red Koi itself, when Ashley and James came back in from a walk with a certain Miamian. Lawrence has finally met the BPE face-to-face.


COVER YOUR EEAAAAAAAARRRRS!!!!! … Kenneth promptly grabs Jamie from a microphone as she gives her own “hello” to the crowd at Red Koi (in the form of a loud but cute scream), with some eardrums pounding. Jamie can’t help but giggle on her way back, in her head, believing she took the crowd by storm with her few-second solo gig.

The entire BPE are together. Lawrence has finally been introduced as the BPE commence in chat with him. Lawrence gets a lot of details on the ride over. (no recaps here, read a rerun for those) The BPE are just happy to be together at last. This is only but the first night they’ll have an outing with Lawrence has he has the next four days off work. After a bit more chatter, a waiter comes to take drink orders. Finally, food orders are placed.

While waiting, more chat continues to go across. James in the back of his head is wondering if a game of UNO would be out of the question and decides for the time being to keep his cards hidden as there’d be plenty of time for that. Jamie too has something in the back of her mind, wanting to go back up and use the mic. Jessica gets suspicious of Jamie and when asking her what she’s thinking, just says “ahh” and then looks back to the stage. Jess knows what Jamie wants.

Food orders come in about 20 minutes later. The BPE group begin to chow down on their orders while listening to others sing. While some think about what kind of karaoke they’d be doing. Lawrence, Ken and Brenna are the only ones who don’t want to try while the others think they’re game enough, though Ashley is mixed on wanting to do it. She figures nobody knows her, so what harm could it do? Same thought for James.

After enjoying their meal. They sit about and wonder when they’d go up. Finally, James is the first of the BPE to brave the night. (not listing song choices here because I don’t know what they have, so if you, the reader are mentioned singing, let it be whatever song you want) Off-story, James had done a test run on the way to Red Koi in the RV. Only Ashley applauded him, so James was skeptical. In the end, he’d actually done much better in the lounge as he got a wonderful ovation. Even the BPE group were impressed, even Jamie who clapped for him! James decided to take it upon himself to draft the next singer from his group, and happily drafts Jessica. She decides to go for it, and on her way to the mic, Jamie sneaks away from the table and follows her. Jessica gives the mic to Jamie who begins to make all sorts of noises. Some are afraid she’ll scream again and prepare to cover their ears. Especially Jess who is right behind her. Finally, she takes the mic from Jamie and prepares her go at it. Jessica also receives a round of applause, as does Jamie.

Later, after a few more non-BPE people take to the mic, the next BPE member goes to the mic. James spared this person, but Jessica wasn’t going to. It’s time to hear Lawrence singing. (Yep, I made Jess the bad girl!) Lawrence is very hesitant and the crowd can detect that. Lawrence looks to Jess with the expression of “why would you do that to me?”. Jessica can only smile big. She tries to encourage Lawrence to go up, but he’s still hesitant. Finally, he gets enough encouragement from the others that he finally goes up, so now, the BPE will hear the singing voice of the Miamian. Lawrence selects his song, and before the music plays, takes one look around the place. He then takes a deep breath and finally, the music starts.

Next Adventure: How did Lawrence do? Will any other BPE members go up there (hah, yes). Will Jamie, James, Jessica or Lawrence do an encore? Will someone react badly to their meal? (um, yeah). Well then, guess you’ll want to read what happens next!

Completed: January 20th, 2013
Submitted: February 8th, 2013

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