012: Front of the Bay

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the group had a fun-filled first night at Holiday Inn in Miami. James was a terrible fetcher as Jessica got her own snack after he failed to bring her back one. James did get a good family-moment with Ashley in as the two realized what a great experience they’re in. The sun rises on their first morning in Miami in this story!


Alarms go off for the group at 8am. With no serious driving needing to be done, the first day is set to be a day filled with mostly relaxation with the only major event being their first meet with Lawrence at his selected place (not yet to be said!). The BPE 7 decide to plan out a breakfast, at least for Jamie. The others feel they can hold out until lunch. Jessica does however eat the bag of chips James gave her. While she eats them, she glares at him. James then says non-sarcastically “you’re welcome for the appetite-holder”. Jessica grins (sarcastically or not I have no idea) as she continues eating them.

By 9am, everyone is dressed for the day and ready to commence in activity. Their first option is to walk to the park across the road from them. Unanimously, that’s what the plan is. They’ll see if they can stay there for a couple hours until it gets close to lunch time. The group cross Biscayne Blvd to Bayfront Park. When they arrive, they notice a marketplace and decide to check it out before heading to the park alone. They find some decent things including dining areas that they’re considering for lunch. After a tour in that area, they head to the dock to check out the yachts. One thing that crosses everyone’s minds (with the exception of Jamie) is what money goes into those things, but also how cool it’d be to ride in one. They think about that as a potential plan.

At work, Lawrence has a tough time keeping his thought-process in motion as he thinks about his friends in Miami at that moment. Lawrence still looks forward to meeting them at his selected place in the evening, so he tries his best to maintain his work focus. When approached by a coworker, he unwittingly says (the event to be taken place that night). The coworker says it sounds like fun, but he’ll have to pass as he’s spending time with his family. Lawrence in his own way is happy it was a turn-down and decides to try and focus on work, as best as he can. One huge motivation for him as that he wont have to be back at work until Monday, giving him 4 days with the BPE group.

The BPE 7 enjoy their time at Bayfront Park. Jamie and Ashley once again enjoy the playground like they did at Queensgate Playground in Cincinnati. Aside from that, the group also enjoy the random structures there too. James as usual, takes pictures of everything.

The group holds out up to noon when they decide to head back to the marketplace to find a place to get lunch. There are many places to choose from (32, to be exact). James happens to spot a Subway (I would). James looks around first though as to try something different, using Subway as a last resort for a place he knows he would like if all else fails. Selections are made. Jessica, Ken and Jamie get Middle East Grill. Brenna ends up going to Starbucks. Mara goes to Haggen-Daz. Both Ashley and James get food from Chicken Connection. (uh-huh, chicken)

The group all meet up at Dexter Fountain (at the park) when they’re done. Once all 7 are together, they talk a little bit while viewing the early afternoon water of the Atlantic ocean while looking on to the land ahead of them. This is where James decides to announce one of his plans. The group prepare their ears and hopes it’s not something that involves a tour. James shrugs, but gives them the idea to tour around the islands. The others aren’t sure what to think as they’d expect to pass a lot of homes, and considering the RV, space is an issue. James keeps hold to that thought, though, and hopes there is that chance.

The 7 decide to head back to their room for a while before planning the afternoon before meeting Lawrence In the evening.

Next Adventure: The BPE 7 are hours away from meeting Lawrence at his selected location. What will be their plan for the afternoon? Keep watch to find out!

Completed: January 19th, 2013
Submitted: February 5th, 2013

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