011: First Night in Miami

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE group arrived in Miami after what took them 3 days to get there. Now, they can enjoy their Wednesday night arrival to Miami while preparing 8 full days they’ll have there. Before bed time though, it’s time to enjoy that first night, in Holiday Inn.


The BPE will make due with two rooms. Ken, Jess, Jamie and James taking one room with Brenna, Ashley and Mara in the other. James is unsettled about this due to the lack of guys, but not much he can do without needing a cost for a 3rd room for five nights. The group will enjoy those five nights because afterwards, they pay out of their own pockets for any additional nights they want, that’s where the plan comes to sleep in the RV. It’ll be a rough process, but for now, they ignore that.

The group are all in the Messeroll room playing UNO together which makes James happy. James however thinks that they should message Lawrence to get their plans for Wednesday figured out. Lawrence does have to work that day (Wednesday), so they wouldn’t have their first meet until the evening. One of Lawrence’s plans was a unanimous vote, so tomorrow night, the group will go to said place, which is where the first meet with Lawrence is suggested.

After 10 games of UNO in which only Brenna and Jessica didn’t win a game, the group decide to watch a movie (watching whatever you, the reader, decide). Jamie is at the point of dozing off, so the volume is turned down a little bit while conversations are toned down as well. During the movie, James gets a mysterious (there’s that word again!) text saying “I really miss you”, he then turns to Ashley and says he misses her too. He also says not to waste a text on someone in front of them. James would later text her back with “Miss you two”. Ashley tells him he meant to say “too”.

The movie finally ends close to 10. It’s decided that everyone should go to sleep. Brenna, Ashley and Mara head to their room. Jamie ends up waking up and gets to say goodnight. It’s then decided that she can head over to the girl’s room. Mara takes charge of that. James takes one of the two room keys to the Messeroll room and takes a walk down the hallways. He reminisces of the first four days since leaving early Saturday morning. He recalls how he and Ken both a turnaround cause of forgetting their cellphones. Fortunately for them and everybody else, they remembered their chargers! He’s suddenly greeted by none other than Ashley, who has also decided to walk around and happened to spot James. Ashley is still grateful her mom allowed the trip especially with her being the 2nd youngest. Ashley and James continue their walk for a few more minutes before heading back to their respective rooms to keep away suspicion of the workers.

Both Jessica and James wake up around 2:30am hungry. Since none of them carried snacks with them into the room, they rely on a vending machine rather than go down to the RV. James heads to a snack machine when who else would be there but Ashley, who has also woken up hungry. She claims that she didn’t have enough proper change so just “borrowed” some from Brenna. They get their snacks and decide to walk around a bit hoping they can tire themselves. (James forgets to get Jess’ snack) The two munch while back in the Messeroll room. Jess continues to wait in a chair while looking out a window, nearly furious that James isn’t back yet.

By 2:45am, Jess decides to take the other card key and search for James. When she gets to the vending machines, nobody is in sight, which makes her think he went to the RV. When she goes back into the room, she discovers the keys to it, meaning he couldn’t possibly at least get inside of it. Jessica decides to take other change and get her own snack. (I’m sorry Jess!)

Ashley and James return from their second walk at 2:55am. Before James gets to the door, he remembers that Jess was hungry, so he heads to the snack machine and gets her something. By the time he gets back in, Jess has thrown away her bag and sarcastically says “thank you for the snack”. It’s okay to forget on vacation though, right?

Next Adventure: The first full day in Miami begins, and it’s the day the group finally meet BPE member Lawrence. Before that happens in the evening, the BPE spend the day sight-seeing. How many sights will they see?

Completed: January 19th, 2013
Submitted: February 4th, 2013

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