008: We're AT Lanta!

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Previously, Lawrence informed the President that seven dangerous people were on their way to Miami to have a great time! The President took immediate action by sending out drones to attack these guys, and now, we see if those drones are successful…


Having driven through the crazy Atlanta freeway, the group has found where they’ll be staying at for the night. They couldn’t find a cheap hotel in Atlanta, so they found a place in Northern Atlanta that they’ll head to later. It’s a place very SUPER with the same # this story is! Give up? Super 8 Motel! It’s a bit east of Atlanta, in Decatur, Georgia, but all the hotels in the Atlanta area wanted you to pay an arm and a leg, so they found somewhere decent. It’s in a seemingly quiet area. A good walk might not be out of the question.

In the meantime, the group is touring Atlanta (with Ken now driving) while James makes a small personal checklist of places he’d like to visit and has marked two. Turner Field (home of MLB’s Atlanta Braves) and a super-secret special one that’ll be announced later in the story! (Mini-Troll alert… and don’t read ahead!). James is the only one in the group with a particular taste for baseball, so it may just be him going to the stadium if he does while everyone else stays in the RV. As it turns out, the Braves are at home playing, but the ticket prices aren’t pretty. James decides to at least go to a gift shop to buy a hat. He wasn’t too bummed cause he put down the Miami Marlins on his Miami-to-do list. He was sure to have at least Lawrence go with him.

The others in the group had no idea about what was there, so they left it up to James to decide for them. James announces his other location. The World of Coca-Cola. The group all seem to enjoy that idea, so it’s off to The World of Coca-Cola!. Suddenly, James feels like drinking a sunkist. Jessica tells him to save it for Sunkist World. James sadly knows there isn’t one.

The group arrive at The world of Coca-Cola (3x saying that now). The total is $96 for six adults (13-64) with Jamie still young enough to get in free with an adult (Yay Jamie!). Once the BPE enter the lobby, they’re greeted with the rich heritage of the drink product as they see various pictures of people and tall statues of drinks.

Next the group enters the Loft where they look upon items from the history of Coca-Cola and are informed about certain histories. They then venture into the Happiness Factory Theater for a 6-minute film. They then venture to the Vault where they learn the legend of the secret formula! (So secret I can’t say it here!... Troll alert!). Did you ever want to get a hug from the Coca-Cola Bear? Well, the wait is over! The group gets a hug from that bear. Safe to say, Jamie had the best picture with the bear!

The next phase is one of James’ personal favorites to experience, how the product is made. The group enter Bottle Works to see how it’s all done! After the completion, it was time to move to the 2nd and final level!

A 4-D theater is in place, so hold onto your seat, you might go flying across the room and into someone’s Pepsi they snuck in! For shame on them if they did! (They should’ve brought in Sunkist… if they did bring anything in…) The group would eventually see some art that just may have POPped out to them, before finally getting a taste of victory as Taste It.

The BPE group commends James on a well-thought of idea as the experience was most fun. James does wish he got to see baseball in Atlanta, but looks forward to seeing a game in Miami. James suggests one other place that came to mind. It didn’t have too much of a sparked interest, but they went anyway. Say hello to CNN Center… for a tour! James and his tours… oh well, it’s a vacation, why not!

Next Adventure: Lawrence continues to prepare for the arrival of the BPE group. Is Lawrence overdoing it a bit or is he not? Also, kittens.

Completed: January 18th, 2013
Submitted: January 30th, 2013

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