007: First Day in the RV

From Best Pants Ever

Previously: (See if you notice what I do here) Ken and James enter an eating competition that could potentially win them an RV! As it turns out, both of them were the winners, and each of them won an RV! So now, the group can finally leave Ohio and continue their journey to Miami (HONEST RECAP!!!)


Problems, problems, problems. As it turns out, the engines weren’t the problem. The cars were totally dead. Someone did tamper with them, but no idea who. (Did I just make that up? Mayyyybeeee) No witnesses came forward, and no cameras caught any action, so Ken and James are duped out of cars. Fortunately though, they sacrificed their guts for two RVs. That’s right, TWO… Well… there WERE two, but after learning Ken and James were partners in trying to win an equal share of the RV, the committee responsible for the prizes revoked the other RV, meaning 1 RV crammed with seven people. Is it doable? Possibly, we’ll just have to see!

The next day, the BPE group are on the road as early as 6am, in the hopes they can enter Florida itself come late evening. They’re looking at over 17 hours on the road to make it to Miami, though. Any problem with that? Not too much when you’re in an RV! While it sounds grueling, they’re up for the challenge. This’ll call for Ken and James to exchange driving positions. Alternating every four hours. James agrees to that. So it looks like you’re going to spend 17 hours in an RV! Yay!!! …. Z z Z z Z z Z z Z z

It didn’t take very long to enter Kentucky, just a few minutes. So for a while, the group has been in Kentucky, which James has cleverly renamed “Kennethtucky”. While in one way, the group misses communicating from 2 different vehicles, they do enjoy being together, though space is a bit of a minimum. They debate whether or not to spend the night in the RV or go to a hotel. Majority vote suggests another hotel stay just for the sake of having the room to walk around, so as it stands, they’ll spend the night in a hotel, meaning not going the whole 17-hour distance to Miami. They’ll instead spend the night in Atlanta, Georgia, then arrive in Miami the next day. This day is a little over a 7-hour ride, looking at over a 10-hour ride the next day. Whatever the case, the BPE group will see Miami the next day, which they’re excited about.

By 8am, the group is adjusting to the RV. While it may be small for walking room, nobody is cramped in their seats. While Ken and Jess are in the front with Jess asleep in shotgun, Jamie, Mara and Ashley are asleep while Brenna and James listen to music while watching the outside view.

James goes online to message Lawrence that they’re expected to be in Miami sometime tomorrow in the afternoon. Lawrence would reply later with the thought that it’s getting very close and that the planning and the wait would be over. Lawrence is up early, but has many personal chores and errands to do for the day as well as work. Lawrence has created a graph for basic games he has set up, and has also created his own customized awards, that even he himself could win, but is hopeful that he could give them away. He knows that the group will be there for less than two weeks, so any plans are bounds to happen, which he does consider the group’s plans.

After lunch (skipped breakfast, James has no bacon, sigh) the group decide to play UNO, except for James, who is now driving, so he’s missing out on the fun. Good news, though, is he’s not alone. Jamie is buckled in shotgun to keep him company, though it doesn’t take long that she bores of it and heads to watch the fun. James is alright with it though, as it’s only about an hour or two before they arrive in Atlanta, so there’s plenty of time of UNO games.

Sometime after 2pm with other stops made, the BPE group arrive in Atlanta, which is their final destination before Miami the next day. The group pull over at a gas station so that they can prepare a hotel to stay at. The group breathe in Atlanta air and think about their grand entrance to Miami the next day. All James can think about though is the bacon that wasn’t meant to be in the morning, but he’ll get over it (so he thinks)

Next Adventure: The group is in Atlanta, and after finding a place to stay, the group decide to go on a tour! Where will their tour lead them? Probably to something off-story James knew about. It’s bound to be exciting though, right? Who knows.

Completed: January 18th, 2013
Submitted: January 29th, 2013

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