006: V Comes After R

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, Brenna and Jamie rushed out of the cave just in time to save Jessica! Kenneth and Lawrence continued to swim around the world. Mara and James played videogames for 183 hours straight! When will the BPE come together again?


Ken and James have signed up for an eating competition for the chance to win an RV. They enter with those hopes but also hope they’ll have their own vehicles to return to. As It turns out, they were signed up in time, but immediately had to be taken to the competition as it was about to start (sounds like a huge plot-hole to me and too-fast writing!)

Ken informs Jess who tells the girls about what’s going on. So to kill time, the girls continue to hang in the lobby and hope it doesn’t become too crowded that they’d need to exit. They have decided to take another walk, and leave for that, this time going west.

Meanwhile, Ken and James have arrived at the place holding the eating contest. They’re both accepted entrees and can participate. The contest would begin in 30 minutes, which gave them enough time to better prepare themselves while getting to know the others. The contest only has one female entree who is the recurring champion of the last contest. Ken happens to notice something unusual outside and points it out to James, who also sees it as unusual (not saying it here, troll alert!)

The girls start to make their way back to Ramada Inn again when they start to get hungry. Across the street they notice a White Castle, and decide together to have their own meal there, considering Ken and James may be too full later on.

It’ll be a couple days before the group arrives in Miami. Lawrence gets back to his list on places to visit while the group stays in the Miami area. (I’m not saying what he comes up with! Second troll alert!) He believes to have come up with good ideas and wonder if any of his fellow BPE members have come up with them.

The girls enter White Castle, which isn’t too crowded, so there’s plenty of room to sit. It’s a moment before they order as they look around the menu. All of them choose to get a combo which includes fries and a soda with whatever sliders they get. Mara goes first deciding to get the Fish Slider Combo. Brenna opts for the 6pc Chicken Rings. Ashley gets the Chicken Ring Slider. Finally, Jessica gets a 2 Chicken Breast Sliders with a side of Fish Nibblers that she’ll share with Jamie. The girls get their food and find a table. The girls begin to discuss how Ken and James will puke all day. Then Brenna brings up the fact to Jess that she could go to kiss him when he throws up everything he ate. (ewwwww)

Elapse of time brings the eating competition to its final round, as it would stand, Ken and James are there with five others, including the champion (who will call Fifi to protect her other fake name). The final stage is the desert stage where the competitors eat brownies, donuts and conclude with an ice cream sundae. Ken and James look to each other with sick-looking faces as the final whistle is blown.

An hour later, with the girls back at Ramada Inn, they welcome back Ken and James who’ve been dropped off. Both the guys look like they’ll hurl at any time as Ken decides the group should stay one more night. The girls are alright with that. Mara asks how the eating competition went. Ken and James look to each other again, shrug and head to the desk clerk to get 2 rooms to stay one more night.

Once the group make it back to their original rooms, they all talk a while in the guy’s room due to their being less stuff. Ken and James are passed out in their own beds while Ken decides him and James should tell them everything. They look to each other one more time, then completely surprise the girls when they jump up each holding out a key saying they both tied for 1st at the end and each won an RV! (explaining what Ken and James saw outside) The group seems ecstatic but wonder about their cars.

Next Adventure: The group change into their super hero outfits to get ready and fight crime! Their first target… EvilPuppy! It’s bound to be anything but exciting, so don’t read!

Original Completion: January 17th, 2013
Revised Completion: January 26th, 2013
Submitted: January 28th, 2013

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