005: Inn and Out

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, Ken and Lawrence duked it out in a 1-on-1 battle, the winner won a lifetime supply of pants! They weren’t the best pants ever, but good enough that the winner kept them. Who won that duel anyway? Oh yeah, it was Brenna. Enjoy your pants, Brenna.


The cars are packed and ready to go! Both Ken and James go to start their vehicles and off… they don’t go. They both try again… and… nope? Nothing! In a complete twist, BOTH vehicles’ engines died overnight. “Whyyyyyyyy!!!!” is what Brenna yells out, but there’s no reason as to “why”. Without anything else they can do, it’s time to call a mechanic.

Once the mechanic arrives, it’s said that both engines did die, and that the mechanic can bring the cars to his shop to get new ones, though he’s unsure how long it’d take. Right now, the group is stranded, and don’t know if they want to rent a car. However, both Ken and James take a lift from the mechanic while the girls stay behind. They get a special permission from Ramada to stay in the lobby, since there’s not a lot of good areas to walk around. They do however think about it, as the heat’s not scorching this day. It’s warm, but cool.

On their way to the car rental place, Ken and James wonder why just their engines died with other vehicles there. It’s deemed as a bizarre coincidence, but don’t throw away the possibility that they were sabotaged. They finally arrive and begin to take a tour. Instantly, both find one they like, and as it turns out, it’s the exact same one. Ken and James are in a stalemate as they decide who should get it. Ken decides he should since he’s the lead driver, and that James would get the honor of looking at it from behind. James doesn’t like that and decides he saw it first, and he should get it. A sales guy heads to them to claim the car just got a driver. Ken and James then continue their search.

Back at Ramada Inn. The girls decide to take a group walk. They choose not to go too far without the guys present. The girls cross a bridge to the north and end up at Queensgate Playfield. They find a small playground for Jamie to have fun, and across the street, Jess gazes at the apartments. She thinks about what it’d be like if her and her family lived there. She could take Jamie to the playground just about every day. She wakes up from reality to know it probably wouldn’t happen. Ashley and Jamie have fun on the playground while Jessica, Brenna and Mara all talk about their plans. Jessica’s faith tells her that they’ll all leave no later than the next day. If they have to, they could spend the day in Cincinnati.

Lawrence is hopeful that they could arrive in a couple days, but right now has no idea of the group’s plight with the cars. He begins to wonder how the introductions will go, if they’d be awkward (thinks of James and Brenna) or straightforward (thinks of everyone else). Time will tell, but for now, Lawrence prepares his own greeting.

Ken and James are at wit’s end as neither of them can choose a good car. They must agree on one though instead of racking their brains over other rental areas. Finally, Ken gets wind of something that might be worth trying… (hah, you’ll find out next story! Troll alert!)

The girls decide that they’ve had enough time at the park then head back to the hotel. Jess receives a call from Kenneth pertaining to what’s going down. Jess is a little overwhelmed, and asks Ken if it’s a good idea. Ken says it might not be, but that it’s worth a shot. Jess gives him an okay, and is informed that they’ll have little travel this day as long as plan #1 comes to live. After Jess and Ken are done talking, Jess gives the group the word, and it has them wondering if it’ll work.

Ken and James give each other a nod as they both prepare for something that could help their travel clause. They both sign up for a particular event and are given a lift to a specific place.

Next Adventure: Jessica and Ken win a trip to Miami and want to take friends along! Who will they invite? … Oh … that was the first story wasn’t it!

Completed: January 17th, 2013
Submitted: January 25th, 2013

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