004: Heat of the Day

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, Ken and James got everyone lost, and they ended up in Bermuda! The girls were really not happy about this and decided to take action! Ken and James were individually roped up and strapped on top of their respective vehicles while Mara and Brenna each decided to take over the driving duties!


With Michigan behind them, the BPE group move on in their journey to Miami. However, moving on may prove to be a long one as in both vehicles, the AC has gone out, and the sun is anything but kind today, IT’S ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU GO CRAZY!!!!

Retaining what cool they have left in them, nearly everyone in the BPE group does their best to keep… well, cool. Jessica had a little fan up from that she handed to Mara to keep Jamie cool. Special about the fan is it has a car adapter! Only car battery required! The Bondy car doesn’t have that luxury, and Brenna is close to wanting to pour her ice water on herself. James decides to let her, but Brenna calls him crazy as she’d need it to drink, then proceeds to pour it on her. James is speechless.

It wasn’t meant to be that they’d stay too long in Ohio, but as the day progresses, the heat just gets worse. By 3 in the afternoon, the group has found a side road where they park, get out and rest underneath trees, eating a small snack during that time. The group decides to have talk on all potential plans in Miami. Their stay there is for just under 2 weeks. 1 less day thanks in part to Ken and James’ forgetting their phones. James has a few ideas on places he’d like to visit, as does Jessica and Mara. (I’m going to troll you readers and not say right now!)

After a brief rest, the group decides to find a restaurant to chill out and eat, as they only had a small snack, not enough to even be considered appetizer. They arrive in Lincoln Heights, Ohio, just 20 minutes shy of Cincinnati. They find a place a small ways off the freeway called Skyline Chili and decide to dine there. The group takes a look at the menu. http://www.skylinechili.com/signature.php.

Meanwhile in Miami, Lawrence plans out a few ideas for his own when the group arrives. The top 16 on his list all say “do something”. As long as they do something, Lawrence can cross one at a time off the list. He thinks about travel, but thinks the group will be too tired from it, but maybe not a few days later. Lawrence then begins to think of all the possible places for them to go, including… (ha, not listing them! Troll alert!)

After getting cooled off, the group leaves Skyline, and when they get outside, the heat continues to be a pain. It’s already nearing 5pm. The group decides it’d be best to find a place in Cincinnati for the night. They all get situated and take off.

30 minutes later after some brief stops, the group arrive in Cincinnati. Jessica discovers a decent deal at Ramada Inn. James recalls a time he stayed at one, and thinks it as a great place to go. They discover it has a pool, and think about an evening swim, without the idea that a crowd of people might already be in it… until Jess suddenly brings it up. The group is hopeful.

Finally, the group arrive at Ramada Inn. Ken and James organize the payments inside. It’s set that the girls will get a room to themselves while Ken and James get their own room (which means we each get our own bed, boo-yah!)

At 6pm, the group all check out the pool area to actually see only a couple people in there, so decide to suit up and get in. By the time they get around to that and head back, the pool is practically full. The heat is still a scorcher, and they have no pool to be in. Out of luck, they all head to one of the rooms to play card games.

Next Adventure: The group leaves Cincinnati… I said the group LEAVES Cincinnati… KEN! JAMES! Take your group out of Cincinnati! … You can’t? Why not?

Completed: January 17th, 2013
Submitted: January 24th, 2013

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