003: Enter the State of... Michigan?

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, James and Brenna argued over who’d drive, and it was decided that Jamie would drive! No, okay, that really didn’t happen, but who cares? I’m writing this story, and what I say goes!


After a pit stop at Speedway, LLC. The group can finally leave for Miami, Florida. The plan calls to arrive in 2 days, but if this story is anything like given in the first couple, 2 days might be 2 years, and Lawrence just doesn’t want to wait that long!

It’s just after 5:00am. Kenneth and James are driving while the girls at their own leisure decide if they want to sleep or not. Among the group, Ashley might be the most grateful for this trip after all the un-written things she went through to get this trip. As it turns out, all the girls do indeed try to get some sleep. Jamie ends up being the first of the group, thanks in part to Mara’s help. It’s decided that the two-way intercom will stay on, but chatter between Ken and James will be at a minimum.

Time has passed, and in an astonishing… four… minutes later (oy…), Jamie wakes up. Her being upset causes Mara and Jess to reawaken. Mara decides to try her magic again and gets Jamie to fall back asleep, only catch is, she did it one hour later. Mara isn’t sure if she should try to sleep again, but given the lack of anything to do, goes back to sleep.

Ashley and Brenna have both been asleep, which for James meant a quiet ride, wishing though he had music to play. Brenna seems to be a mind reader when asleep and tells James to play some music, telling him to turn it on a certain channel. James finds the channel and keeps it there, despite a lack of interest. Brenna however, smiles in the back that she has what she likes, then remembers she has her mp3 handy and begins to listen to that. James sees her with them in the rear-view mirror, cringes, then turns the radio to a different channel.

9:00am has finally approached, and since then, only the guys and Jessica are awake. Jessica tells the guys that she’s hungry (remember, two-way intercom is on!). James says he’s getting hungry, too, and decide to stop somewhere and eat, so they do, one hour later.

Just after 10:00am, the group gets out to stretch for the first time since they left Michigan and find themselves at a diner. Mara asks if they made it to Ohio yet. Ken and James both say yes, that they did a little over an hour ago. Ken says before Jess woke up. The group enter the diner then prepare their breakfast.

At 11:30am, the group departs the diner after feeling full enough. Jess asks James if he ate enough bacon, but he says no. (The next customers to enter were informed that they’ve run out of bacon and would substitute it for ham and sausage).

As now that all of them were awake, the chats could ensue. Both Ashley and Jessica in separate vehicles were able to log into the internet. Jessica informed Lawrence that they were in Ohio and nothing has gone wrong to this point.

Four hours later, it became clear that this was going to be a long road trip, when before you knew it, everybody was back home. The girls, more than angry, wondered why. As it turns out, both Ken and James forgot their cellphones. The group would stay in Michigan for that night, with Ken and James sleeping in the great outdoors for that night.


As it turns out, the group didn’t stay at home that night. They ended up driving back to Ohio to find a hotel to stay in for that night, close to where the diner is. The next morning around 10:00am, after another breakfast at the diner, and James being monitored of his bacon intake, the group set off hoping to make good time and no more pathetic excuses for mistakes.

Next Adventure: The BPE group is sure and settle this time, as Michigan is really out of the picture for a long time. The group endures a day in the warmth as they set their sights on what was to be the location they were supposed to be at the night before, Ken(neth)tucky. KEN the group survive? (No, they’re not going to die… oops, spoiler… as if it really was…)

Completed: January 17th, 2013
Submitted: January 23rd, 2013

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