002: Goodbye, Lansing

From Best Pants Ever

Previously – James decided to make toast by popping dough in the toaster, and what came out, was a compleeeeete mess. In other news, that’s not what really happened, but if you read story #1, then this recap is redundant, other than being false, but is it false? Guess you’d better go back and read it!


Two months after Jessica and Ken won the trip to Miami, the planning was starting to come together. Jessica and Ken for themselves planned what alone time they’ll get there, assuming if any of their invitees would watch Jamie for them. Only six of seven total members have been inducted. They are Jessica Messeroll, Kenneth Messeroll, Jamie Messeroll, James Bondy, Mara Miller, and Brenna Brooks, who kept declining again and again until Jessica bribed her with $500 spending money (that Brenna thinks came from Jess, but came from the committee who won-over the event). The group could still bring one more member, and they had two months left to decide.

One month later, (wow, fast month). The BPE got into the midst of an UNO game when James brought in a relative of his. This relative clicked so well with the group, that Jessica began to toil with the idea of having her along.

It was a long and rough process in the next month between this relative and her mom, so long I don’t feel like typing out all the details, but this relative of James’ got the “okay”. James would become the guardian of Ashley Heart, who became that seventh member. Now, the crew of seven was complete, and in one more month, the group would prepare.

Secrets are one thing, but this was another, as these last four months, Lawrence had no idea the BPE group would be heading to Miami. Jessica begins to think she should tell him in a group chat with a few others.

Time has elapsed (unsure how much), and Lawrence has learned his friends are going to Miami. Suddenly, he thinks of multiple things he can introduce them to while there. Lawrence’s excitement could hardly be contained, that it ran out the front door and got eaten by stray cats! Lawrence later held a funeral for his excitement, and later purchased new excitement for $2 on eBay. (on sale!)

The crew was set, and finally on the morning of… sometime in June I guess, the seven were ready to go with all their belongings packed. As it stands, the Messerolls and Mara Miller would be sharing one vehicle with Mara and Jamie in the back while James led the other vehicle with Ashley and Brenna. Brenna and Ashley argued over who’d get shotgun. It was decided they’d rotate every so often (every gas stop). Ashley was the first to get shotgun while Brenna got the back seat sitting near luggage. James did offer Brenna to drive some, but Brenna decided that since he’s a guy, he should do all the driving. James wasn’t sure what to say to that. (I really wasn’t!)

Finally, goodbyes were sent to the city of Lansing as the BPE group said their goodbyes… yeah, I said goodbyes already, and look, did it again! --- Anyway, goodbyes (again!) were said as the BPE group began to drive off. Messeroll group the lead car with the Bondy group behind. To keep communication without the need of cellphones, each car was assembled a personal two-way voice com, so it could be as if all of them were in one vehicle together! It does have an on/off switch though.

No more than five minutes on the road, Jess claims she needs to use the bathroom, then in unison, everyone else seems to need to do the same thing. The road trip has begun, and as you might’ve called it, the breaks have begun as well!

Next Adventure: The BPE is on the road! It takes close to about four hours to leave Michigan from Lansing, but with this group, could four hours be… four days? Hurry up, guys, Lawrence would like to meet you all!

Completed: January 17th, 2013
Submitted: January 22nd, 2013

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