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Hello! I joined on January 14, 2008! I became an bureaucrat, sysop on March 3, 2008. I will do my best to make Ben 10verspedia a great Ben 10 encyclopidia! I will update it as soon as possible. Please know, that I will be partolling articles daily to make sure spelling is correct, no errors, and no vandalism. That would me that this page should not have any vandalism on it. I have a lot of images that need to be uploaded and I would appreciate it if you help me create an article, so I could do more things quickly. I have some very good ideas to help improve Ben 10verspedia. Please know, that I will only be on during weekdays, sometimes on weekends or on vacation or on breaks from school.

About Me

I am a huge fan of Ben 10 and Ben 10: Alien Force. That would explain why I'm working for this Ben 10 encyclopida! I have watched most of their episodes on television or on Cartoon Network Video. I am a very well speller, so it will be a good thing for Ben 10verspedia. That way, I can spot when there is a spelling mistake. Since I am only human, I may make some mistakes sometimes, so if you see that I do, please correct it for me. I love to create new articles and upload Ben 10 pictures on here, so fans and users could see and learn new things. I have created a special page, which I enjoy doing very much, is the Ben 10 Printables and Activities page. It is a page full of images of icons, logos, posters, desktop backgrounds, and other fun activities for huge Ben 10 fans, like me. If you can find any icons, logos, posters, desktop backgrounds, or any other activity, please do upload them, so everyone and I can see it and even save it.

Ben 10verspedia

Ben 10verspedia has been expanding and improving. Here are the number of articles, pictures, and other things that we curently have. 188 articles, 159 images, and 15 members.

My Favorite Ben 10 Aliens

These are my favorite Ben 10 Omnitrix aliens in order from my most favorite, to my least favorite.

Ben 10





Gwen 10

Ben 10: Alien Force

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