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Risaralda is a department of the Republic of Colombia. It is located in the western central region of the country and part of the Paisa Region. Its capital is Pereira. It was divided from the department of Caldas in 1966. Risaralda is very well known for the high quality of its coffee, and a booming industry: clothes, food, trading of goods and services.

The territory is very mountainous and has many kinds of climate in a very small area. Its proximity to harbours like Buenaventura on the Pacific Ocean and to the biggest cities in Colombia – Bogotá, Cali, Medellín – makes it a fast growing economic centre.


  1. Apia
  2. Balboa
  3. Belén de Umbría
  4. Dosquebradas
  5. Guatica
  6. La Celia
  7. La Virginia
  8. Marsella
  9. Mistrato
  10. Pereira
  11. Pueblo Rico
  12. Quinchía
  13. Santa Rosa de Cabal
  14. Santuario
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