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The Greater Jersey Hudson River Region (commonly referred to as the GJHRR or the Gijahurr) is the order's third largest region with almost 400 engaged Alephs and over 500 engaged BBGs. We are recognized as one of the two biggest regions in all of BBYO. The region generally has four (previously five) regional conventions a year, including RLTI (August), MIT (October), RJI (February/March), and LIFE (May). The region also holds one council convention a year for both Northern and Central Council called Spirit that takes place in December. The region previously held Spring Convention every other year in April, however, as of now there are no plans to continue Spring Convention. GJHRR is a region split into two councils each with an AZA and BBG board. There is no regional board, but the four council presidents act as the RCC or Regional Coordinating Committee.

The region employs two staff members, Judith Youngman, the region's longtime senior regional director and Amanda Minkoff, program director.


[edit] Northern Council

[edit] Chapters

Ahava BBG(Wayne BBG)

Albany BBYO

Livingston AZA

Livingston BBG

Palisades AZA

Palisades BBG

Pascack Valley AZA

Pascack Valley BBG

Randolph BBYO


Short Hills AZA

Short Hills BBG

Wayne AZA


[edit] 2016-2017 Northern Council AZA Board

Godol – Sam Sternstein (Livingston AZA)

S'gan – Ethan Schiffman (Palisades AZA)

Moreh – Addison Abramowitz (Palisades AZA)

MazGiz – Matthew Jankowitz (Wise BBYO)

Shaliach – Harry Zuckerman (Pascack Valley AZA)

[edit] 2016-2017 Northern Council BBG Board

N'siah – Lauren Tancer (Pascack Valley BBG)

S'ganit - Molly Edwards (Livingston BBG)

Morah – Rebekah Hess (Palisades BBG)

Mazkirah – Leah Yaker (Pascack Valley BBG)

Sh'licha - Jessica Posnock (Livingston BBG)

[edit] Central Council

[edit] Chapters

Chaverim BBYO

East Brunswick BBYO

Shalom BBYO

Marlboro AZA

MS Manalapan AZA

Ruach BBG

Shore BBYO

Tikvah BBG

T'sahal BBYO

Yad b'Yad BBG

[edit] 2016-2017 Central Council AZA Board

Godol – Adam Goldman (Marlboro AZA)

S'gan - Avi Zucker (Chaverim BBYO)

Moreh - Evan Kanterman (Marlboro AZA)

MazGiz – Palmer Stolly (East Brunswick BBYO)

Shaliach- Ari Goldberger (MS Manalapan AZA)

[edit] 2016-2017 Central Council BBG Board

N'siah – Sage Linsky (T'sahal BBYO)

S'ganit - Emily Cohen (Yad B'Yad BBG)

Morah – Carly Belasco (Yad B'Yad BBG)

Mazkirah – Lauren Wasserman (Chaverim BBYO)

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