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You are in chains, one around your neck and then some around each ankle, making it hard to walk. You're tied behind a trotting horse, so you must run to keep up. Finally you make it to the family mansion. You gasp for air as you look up at the many windows, nearly each one had fancy white curtains hanging up. Your naked body trembles from exhaustion, and you can barely stand any longer. You notice your new master, a middle aged man, wearing fine clothes, standing g in front of you. "Well, have you any respect?" He shouted, and threw you to the ground. "Sor-" but before you could utter the word he kicked you to the ground. After that he repeatedly kicked your gut, making you cough, and you can barely breathe. After a few more kicks, he grabs the chain and jerks it. "Get up!" You shakily rise, barely able to stay standing. He leads you into the mansion and into his bedroom. He throws you onto the floor and stares at your makes body for several lon moments. "Get up." He says, and you weakly stand. He grabs your neck and pushes you onto the bed. Now struggling for air, you squirm under his strong arms. He knees your naked pussy and let's for of your neck. "My brother will be back soon, hell deal with you." He says and latched the chain to the bed. Saidierenfeuer Hours later, you hear the door open, and you jump to your knees and lower your head. "Now, it seems my brother has taught you some respect, but he's only the beginning. I have an other brother on a mission who will be returning soon, and its my job to break you." You try to move away but the chain around your neck prevents it. He comes closer, taking off his clothes as he moves. "Please, no," you mutter but he keeps coming. He takes the chain off your neck and grabs your hair, pulling you away from the bed. He throws you to the floor and kicks your sides repeatedly, then rolled you onto your back, then bends over you. His cock touching your pussy. You whimper and cry, but make no attempt to escape. Suddenly his sick is shoved inside your clot, and he starts thrusting. You scream and cry, and start to try and wriggle away, but his hands hold you still by your neck. You struggle for breath, and you can see shadows growing, and you hear a buzz, and your face is growing hot. Just before you pass out he let's you breathe, and you gasp and cough. He's still thrusting, and his face is pressed up against yours, his hot breath on your cheeks. You can feel his cock swell inside you, and he pulls it out, releasing his sperm onto you stomach and chest. He takes a deep breath and stands. "Get up." He orders, but you can't find the strength. "Get up!" He repeats, but you still don't move. He kicks your pussy and sides, and you cry, but don't move. "Fine then," he says, and leaves the room for a moment. She he returns, he's carrying a chest of what you're guessing to be torture toys. The first thing he pulls out is a whip. He walks over to your trembling figure and raises his arm, the whip cracks and you feel a shape pain on your pussy. It cracks again, only it hits your neck. You scream as he whips you more, and he doesn't stop for at least an hour. After he replaces the ship he pulls out a knife. He crouches down and puts his cock to your face. "Suck it, or feel more pain." You swallow hard and spit at his face. He stands and kicks you face, at least ten times, you can feel blood running from your eyes and mouth, and you sputter.

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