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I sit down, now naked like the day I was born, on the couch, totally exposed like a bitch, as I take hold of the huge cock in front of me. My hand can barely make it around his dick as I get my head closer towards it.

This is it. My whole life, I never felt so needed, so wanted, as I did now by this man, this hot master who waited for me to cross the line and put his huge cock through my slutty lips. If I did it, I would forever sign my sexual life as: "slut". I knew it was the right thing to do.

I start licking his head. It tastes sweet. Yum! I get his head in my mouth as I play with his piss hole with my tongue. It feels so good, getting this foreign entity between my lips and sucking on it like a lollipop. I slowly try to take in more of his huge cock inside my mouth. He groans in pleasure, while resting his strong hands on my long brown hair. I moan as I try my best to get in more and more of his pole into my slut mouth.

His dick is now fully erect, standing at 9 inches long, as I have managed to put only 3 inches inside my mouth. He encourages me with words of trust and love, as he plays with my hair and push my mouth further down on his huge cock. I try to relax as much as I can as I feel one more glorious inch slide up my mouth and hit the back of my throat. "Only 5 to go, good job Alex!" He says

I am suddenly startled: this dominant guy knew my name, even though I never told it to him!

Laughing, he explains to my unasked question as I bob up and down on his dick:

"Yes, little boy! I got it all planned. I saw you the other day in your soccer practice. You looked so hot and fragile in your little shorts and your tight shirt. Your legs were smooth, your hair flying in the air, and your ass so hot sticking out through your small shorts. I knew then that I had to get you under my body, one way or another. Even if you weren't gay, I was going to force you into it. But this is much better, because you get to enjoy it too, my lovely Alice!"



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