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I impale myself on his dick. He goes all the way in, hitting a spot in my ass that makes me cum on the floor in front of me. I shiver with passion as i feel the amazing yet bit painful dick up my pussy. After about a minute to get my ass used to the cock inside it, my lover starts humping in and out of my girly ass with his huge pole and kissing my neck and back like a man kisses his wife. I feel like I am his wife, and I am proud of it!

He keeps on pumping in and out of my ass, and creates amazing sensations in my body. I love every second of it!

He grabs a hold of my chest, and starts pinching my nipples, as I moan with delight. He then says:

"You like my cock up your pussy, don't you Alice?"

"Ohh yes my love! It feels so good!" I reply, still getting fucked like a bitch

"Do you love me, Alice?"

"Till the moon and back! Please make me completely yours, take me away from my old fake life and turn me into the girl and slut I always were!"

"Good girl. Do you love my dick up in your pussy?"

"Oh yes!! Fuck my ass! Fuck my old life! I hated every single day of it! I hate my parents! They were never responsible for their kid! You know me more intimately than they ever would! You revealed the slut in me, you helped me find out I am gay, and you stole my virginity! I am all yours!"

We both cum in unison in a mind-chattering orgasm. I have never felt such an intense feeling.

My thief, the thief of my virginity, later kisses my lips and puts his clothes back on. Leaving his number with me, he asks me to call him tomorrow morning to meet up. I know I sure will.


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