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"No I am not sir! I only dream about girls!"

"You are wrong, boy. You dream about being a girl, not being WITH a girl. There is a big difference!"

I suddenly notice that my whole life, when I would look a girl in hot clothes, I would think what they would feel like on me. When I look at my mom's underwear in the laundry, I would imagine myself in them. He is right! I am gay! And I don't feel bad about it.

"I see in your eyes that I am right, girly boy!"

"Yes, you are... I never noticed I was gay!"

I just confessed to a total stranger, a thief for that matter, that I am gay, only by bring touched by his expert hands!

"What does it feel like, to find out you are gay only by being touched by a real man?"

"I don't understand, how is it possible? You are a thief, for Christ's sake! I am not supposed to feel like this! This is so wrong, yet it feels so good!"

"Yes, my slut, you are true. It is wrong to find out about your sexuality like this. But know that I now control you. It only took two words from me for you to take off your clothes. It will only take a few more for me to take your virginity and turn you forever into my slut."

"Please be gentle!" I say, accepting my new place, under his spell and expert hand.

He removes his hand from my groin area and brings it closer to my face.

"Lick my hand, slut."

I quickly do as told, indulging in my true self.

With his other hand, he lowers his sweat pants and his boxers in one swift motion, and gets his dick out. It is so long and fat! And it is still semi-hard!

I stare at it, hypnotized, while I continue to suck on his hand like a good girl. I can't believe I am getting so into it. He suddenly removes his hand from my mouth. I look up at him in total surrender. He only nods towards his huge cock.

What should I do?



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