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The third game finishes quickly. He goes to the settings and requests a surrender. I don't understand what he is doing until he speaks: "I don't want you to feel weird when you expose your clit to me. Now be a good girl Mattie and take off my shirt."

When I do as ordered, I can't take my eyes away from his body. He is perfect, and I catch myself running my hands over his body. He smiles and pats my head, resting it on his strong peck.

I play my fourth game cuddled up against his strong body. I don't want to win anymore, and the match ends with a crushing 4-0 defeat. I look up into his powerful eyes and smile, knowing my defeat and his dominance. He reaches over and removes my tight boxers off me. I help my master by lifting my ass and he then throws my slim boxers over to the table where the pizza sauce is still on a plate. My old boxer lands in the middle of the sauce. I don't believe I will even need it for the rest of the night.

He directs his attention to my throbbing penis. Standing at only 4 inches tall when strong, my clit looks pathetic.

"I told you, you didn't even have a dick! That is a clit I am looking at, it is smaller than half my size."

"You are right master john, I am sorry I confronted you."

"Tell me now, what are you Mattie?"

"I am a girl, master. No, I am your girl!!"

With the hand that is not fondling my clit, my old friend and new master john takes my lips closer to his and kisses me with passion, rimming my mouth with his strong tongue.

My first kiss is with a man, good girl Mattie! I am so proud of myself.

"I will give you one more chance to escape you final change. Either you win this game and get your clothes back, or you lose this game and you get to play the next one in a position that I will choose. A position that you will surely like! Are you sure you want to continue?"



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