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“Hey Ricardo!” I shout out to make it seem like I am calling him from the living room.

He takes some time to answer, making it seem he walked over to my bedroom:

“Yes Alex, what do you want, why are you stuck under the bed?”

You giggle your ass some bit before answering:

“I am trying to get my wallet from under the bed, but I can’t reach it. Think you might help me out?” I ask while squirming under the bed.

“I sure can help you young man! Tell me what to do…”

“How about you stand right behind me and try to lift the bed a bit so I can ooze a bit more under it? I am sure with your big muscles you will be able to do that.” I say in a playful tone.

He walks over and stands right behind my ass, so close I can actually feel the heat from his dick. He reaches for the bed.

“Come closer so you can get a better hold of it.” I invite him in a seductive tone.

He listens and puts his dick right between my ass cheeks. I stifle a moan as he lifts the bed, pushing his dick firmly between my cheeks. I reach out for the wallet and back off on his dick.

Seeing that I am no longer restrained by the bed, he lets go of it and grabs my hips instead. I slowly stand up while leaning onto him, my ass brushing continuously on his big fat dick.

However, the fun has to end soon, and I sadly move away from his well-endowed member, turning to look at him.

“Well, here is for your gallant help. I think I should renovate my bedroom, and I could really use a strong hand.”

“I would be willing to help if you would like that!” He says while giving me his card.

I smile a big smile and look him into his eyes.

“I will call you soon, make sure of that!” I say in a flirting tone.

I walk in front of him towards the door, shaking my ass to him.

I stand there as he leaves, and wave at him when he gets on his motorcycle. God is he hot! I think to myself soon thereafter.

After a while, my doorbell rings, and I go over to open the door


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