*Do it yourself

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"Okay, no problem" you say. It is her wedding day tomorrow after all. Still, her being on her knees in front of you gets your motor humming. "Do you mind if I do it here?"

"Sure, go for it!" She says smiling at you. You don't waste time but pull out your hard cock and begin beating off whilst looking down at Bex. You notice that even though she claims she was too busy to help Bex's eyes keep darting up to watch you fapping. You love her fuckable face and your eyes rove from it all over her tight body as you pick up the pace. Bex's eyes continue to take furtive glances at your cock and she bites her lower lip. Her slutty little mind must be racing and the thought of that brings you closer and closer to a climax.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!"

"Not on the chairs!!" She yells.

*On the chairs! *As she wishes! *Also as she wishes!!

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