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Who's he Trying to Impress?

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Who's he Trying to Impress?
Game TS1
Section 5
Map Tomb
Character Mary-Beth Casey
Accompanied by
The Impersonator
Enemies Encountered Cultist x2
Rewards The Impersonator
Medal Requirements 25 kills

Who's he Trying to Impress? is a TimeSplitters 1 Challenge. It involves allowing The Impersonator to seem the best shooter and not die.


Now the King want to show off! Your team must win with 25 kills and the King must not die. Do not personally score more than 3 or else the King's feelings will be hurt. You have 1 min 15 secs.


In order to win this, you need to get the target, but kill no more than three people. Mostly, it's about your luck with The Impersonator, but you can help.

If people are shooting at the Impersonator, stand in front of them and let them kill you, The Impersonator will shoot them. Try to block them in their base, it gives the Impersonator more of a chance to kill them, and you'll be blocking them from shooting the Impersonator. You can kill a few, make sure they're the ones you think are more likely to kill the Impersonator. You're allowed to kill three, anymore and you lose so make sure you do kill three as this will make things easier.

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