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Size medium
Location Vietnam
Climate Dusk in a swampy jungle
Unlockable Unlocked by Default
Recommended Bots Nobby Peters
The General
Private Hicks
Sapper Johnson
Captain Fitzgerald
Tommy Jenkins
Private Jones
Recommended Weapons LX-18 (x2)
Machine Gun
Tactical 12-Gauge
Flare Gun
Proximity Mines

Vietnam is considered a versitale map. This map consists of two bases separated by a river. There's a lot of jungle terrain and war-related items here. Vietnam is a good map for players of all talents, beginner or expert. There are plenty of wide open spaces with decent cover areas (good for snipers and long-medium ranged battles) as well as a nice supply of tunnels (perfect for close range battles). Most, if not all, modes play brilliantly here, particularly Team Deathmatch, Elimination and Assault.

Playable Modes

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