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icon_confused.gif The original author of Pistol does not have any further information on this article. The author may return to finish the article when information has been gathered, however they welcome anyone to expand on this article.

This is your bog standard, slow firing, pistol. On the other hand, you can hold a lot of ammo for the pistol, and it is one of the best pistols you can get (apart from the obviously superior Scifi Handgun.) If you are up against somebody with this thing, it is better to tap R2 repeatedly rather than just holding it down, because it fires faster that way. The gun reloads quite slowly, so it is useful to be able to strafe behind some cover while you reload. Pistol x2 is, obviously, 2 pistols, one in each hand, if used cleverly, can be better than the Scifi Handgun. There is the advantage of the increased amount of ammo, and also the increased rate of fire. It is also possible to make the pistol fire just as fast as the Uzi, if you use the correct tactic. Equip one pistol, and alternately press R1 and R2 very quickly, and bullets ought to come streaming out. Useful if you’ve got lots of bullets to spare. Very similar to the Walter P99.

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