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From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Game TS1
Section 6
Map Bank
Character Veiled SWAT
Enemies Encountered Chinese Chef
Chinese Waiter
Fingers McKenzie
Jacques Misere
Olga Strom
Ravelle Velvet
Rewards Veiled SWAT
Medal Requirements 5 bags

Heist is a TimeSplitters 1 Challenge. It involves disrupting a Heist by killing all people involved.


Fingers and his gang are knocking off the city bank and the police response team are 5 minutes away. Maintain a tactical position on the ledge. But don't let the gang away with more than 5 bags.


You have to stay on your ledge, jumping off kills you. It's not that hard, just shoot the people running in the bank, and letting a few go is fine as long as it doesn't go above 5.

The most important thing is to let at least one person score a bag. This is because there is a Heist Glitch whereby you win, but don't receive your rewards.

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