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Fight Off The Living Dead

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Fight Off The Living Dead
Game TS2
Section Behead The Undead (TS2/FP)
Map Compound
Character Henchman
Enemies Encountered Sewer Zombies
Rewards Silver: Sewer Zombie
Medal Requirements Bronze: 10000 points
Silver: 15000 points
Gold: 20000 points
Platinum: ?

Fight Off The Living Dead is a TimeSplitters 2 Challenge. It has you defending yourself from zombies in the indoor part of the Compound map with a shotgun.


Another one of Khallos' attempts to take over the world has failed at the hands of Harry Tipper. As usual, Khallos has fled the scene leaving a henchman to deal with the consequences (Lots of zombies in this case). See how long you can keep him alive for.


Your objective is to hold off the zombies until you perish. In the beggining, zombies will spawn from the open door leading to the outside. Take careful head shots until you either complete the wave or the Sewer Zombies get to close. Then retreat to the back of the building. Sewer Zombies will now spawn from withen the building as well. Try the "double shot method" for close combat. Keep moving at all times. Try to group your enemies in tight balls, this way the ones at the back will hit the ones in the front thus killing many zombies at once. Remember, zombies are melee attackers and head shots should kill them quickly. Complete waves to gain bonuses. Avoiding being hit will also give you more points. Zombies are slow but have high stamina. Keep this in mind. Grab ammo when available but do not risk your life for it either.

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