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Ammo 1/20
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
2.2 bps, 9s
Reload Time 0.8s
Damage (per Single Shot)
Depends greatly on distance.
Type Other
Zoom No
Primary Fire Throws Brick
Secondary Fire Throws Brick Further
Games All

The Brick has appeared in every TimeSplitters game so far as an unlockable weapon in the Challenge: Super Smashing Great: Don't lose your bottle and used in Challenge: Avec le Brique(same challenge category with Don't Lose Your Bottle). It has a fairly short range, and it's damage is affected at how close you fire it at the enemy; close range will kill instantly, whilst a few steps back from the enemy will only take of 40%. The secondary fire shoots at a higher angle as if it were swung under-arm into the air. When aimed at a wall it will ricochet and hit the player, causing ironically large self-damage. Incredibly, while it's potshot accuracy for humans, AI is exceedingly accurate with bricks, which puts players at a disadvantage.

Weapon Tips

You can throw the brick very close to the enemy and/or if aimed at the head, it will kill instantly. It's good for a group of people, so the brick can bounce off each person.

There is also a Brick Collision Detection Glitch found in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.

A note to players is that if by some twist of fate you are stuck fighting with only bricks, try not to use them. Unless your completely surrounded, need to clear a path, or generally feel suicidal, your fists are a better option due to the lack of a richocet, noticably better accuracy, and no defecit of ammo.

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