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Black people were often discussed on Speakeasy in the fiefdom formerly known as The Plantation (which was originally called Black Nationalism or something like that), often in less than glowing terms. Black people made Reichsjager spill his chili, a tragic event which has caused many at Speakeasy to become racist against all black people. Much of the discussion now revolves around criminal black athletes and what is known as TNB (typical nigger behavior).

Categories of African peoples

  • Black people - Ordinary people of African descent of different walks of life who work and don't break the law. Not annoying at all unless you're a dumb racist twat.
  • Niggaz - Rich or middle class blacks/black wannabes who feign the 'gangsta' lifestyle by their clothing, musical tastes and dialect. They would piss themselves if forced to walk around an actual ghetto. Mildly annoying.
  • Niggers - blacks at the bottom of society (or 'nigger rich' black celebs/pro athletes) who have no sense of lifting themselves up, criminals, gang members, drug dealers, crackheads, carjackers, black women who have 8 kids with multiple baby daddies, live off of welfare, cash in their food stamps to buy Baby Nikes and hair extentions and don't see anything wrong with it. Very annoying and dangerous.
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