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About Us

We are part of student organization Udai at UCSD.We are working with Michael Mazgaonkar to design & build a low cost, DC-DC converter for a pedal power generator at Mozda collective in Gujarat. This Wiki will document our progress, and will help us collaborate better.


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  • Achintya Madduri
  • Rathnakumar Appuswamy
  • Ameet Deshpande
  • Abhijeet Borkar
  • Nima Ghods

Saurabh Panjwani, Nitin Gupta, Himanshu Khatri, Rahul Kodkani, Nikhil Rasiwasia are also interested in helping.

Design pages & Links

  • Big picture: explains why we need such converter, and gives an overview of the project, covering previous efforts at UIUC, and lays down the specs we are trying to achieve.
  • Links:All useful weblinks arranged by topics.
  • Mozda_Converter:Community_Portal: Page for meeting minutes and sharing of thoughts & questions.
  • Designpages will document all design studies.pos software

Team blog & Project Status

  • Deadline for feasibility study is set as 15th Dec. Main issue is very poor efficiency in UIUC design (10%). We met on 9th to divide the work and target efficiency, high voltage operability and evaluating the benefits of stepping up the voltage.
  • A preliminary analysis on low efficiency of UIUC converter, and overall systems power flow analysis was completed! and Michael was happy with it :-) They are both on Designpages. The further decision whether or not to design high voltage, or to design low voltage converter is awaited from Michael. (16 dec by Ameet)
  • Michael is proceeding with the purchase of Outback converter expected to arrive in mid Jan 07. We have decided to focus efforts on implementing Tim Nolan's low cost converter cum MPPT (maximum power point tracker) design. (labeled peak power tracker in his site). So now a lot of work will be done for real, so expect more updates and less documentation :-)(19th dec by Ameet)
  • We received labspace at CalIT2. We are looking at two circuits. Tunecharger & TimNolans's.
  • We plan to build tunecharger ckt for low wattage(20W). If it is successful, we plan to scale it up to 100W needed for pedal generator.
  • We tested the tunecharger 20W prototype. It is working great! with 60% efficiencies at low and around 95% efficiency at high wattage.
  • Tested the tunecharger with solar panels. Questions: efficiency? Is MPPT working? does battery capacity deteriorate?
  • Next plan: to build battery voltage sensing & over-voltage protection ckt, and try to test effect on battery capacity. Build better extremum seeker.

Editing this Wiki

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