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This page is about a character from TF-RP: Tedd(/Tess) Forces.



HP: 70
MP: 20
Atk: 13
Def: 17
Mag: 14
Wil: 12
Aim: 12
Avd: 13
Spd: 10
Krm: +1


Has long brown hair, a slender face, medium build, crystal blue eyes, and usually wears one of the two following outfits:

- Outfit #1 (Combat gear):  Olive Green baggy jeans, Black steel toe boots, Black Short sleeved shirt, Olive green jacket.  Combat harness
with gun holsters galore. - Outfit #2 (Formal gear): A shiny white jacket with a brown leather belt going from the top of the right shoulder to the side of his hip,
silver buckle. Baggy black pants, equally shiny, Dress boots.


Dirty Fighting: Receive a +1 bonus to called shots.
Elite Unarmed Combat: Deal +3d6 damage when unarmed.
Trick Shot: Receive a +2 bonus when using a firearm.
Bomb Construction: Receive no penalties when trying to build, repair, or disarm a bomb.


Ace is 20 years old, but looks older. His mental and spiritual maturity are about 14, however. He was born through nonmagical means, and was raised with a loving mother and father. He lives with his parents until he's left college, and gotten himself a job. His father is a biker and an ex-army ranger, and his mother is a sailor. One who mans the guns on a ship, no less.

Ace collects weapons, both old and new, as a hobby. He also practices with them, but he practices with his fists and feet more than anything else. When his parents aren't around, he's often making explosives in the basement. Needless to say, he doesn't smoke, and (being an adult) enforces a STRICT non-smoking policy in the house.

Ace attends a community college, and is well on his way to a good first semester. He's not the best student, but he's a good one. He's never really fit in with any sort of label, but he does have some popularity. He's a quick learner, and can even copy observed movements flawlessly, which is how he learned unarmed combat so quickly.

Ace loves and care for his family, and does his best to put their needs above his own. He's also friends with the Tess from his universe, being her next door neighbor. He does get the impression that Tess' father doesn't like him very much, but that has always been the case with anyone working for the government who knows him. He and Tess have been friends for a long time, but he's shown no interest in taking it any further than that.

When in a given situation, Ace is cool, cautious, and calculating. He considers why the situation is going the way it is, and tries to take nonviolent steps to improve it. When family and/or friends are involved, he's more likely to be defensive or take action. He's been described as eccentric, but he always comes out on top, often in surprising ways.

Ace is a happy go lucky kinda guy. He sees the bright side of every situation, and can put a smile on anyone's face, even without meaning to. He often talks about history, weapons, and art, and he almost always has a story to tell. He's a joker, and will pull a wisecrack when you least expect it, and will always lighten the mood.

There is a dark side, however. If innocent lives are threatened, especially those of whom he cares for, he immediately turns serious. To quote a song, "You've never seen a cloud that dark in the middle of the day." His speech will be full of spite when directed towards the instigator, and he will be direct, and to the point. His focus will be to destroy the one who angered him in this manner, and they will be all he thinks about until they are defeated.


Book of Mazes
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