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A character created by Teleros for The World We Live In RP.


  • Name: Turaer
  • Domains: Order & Discipline
  • Usual Appearance: Usually a towering soldier - the precise armour etc varies though (think the Colossus of Rhodes). Of course he can be more subtle, but let's face it, he gets a kick out of it :lol: .
  • Chosen Race: No specific race - rather, everyone from university professors to soldiers tend to worship or recognise him in some way. He does however have the "Champions of Turaer". These are paladins and the like who have truly dedicated themselves to Turaer, and as such are lifted above their fellows through Turaer's magic.
  • Personality: As his Domains suggest, Turaer is quite a serious deity, and something of an obsessive rule-maker too. He's not the humourless nitpicker some make him out to be though, but he can easily rub others the wrong way.

In addition, don't be fooled by his Domains - change & evolution are very much a part of the "natural order" of things for example.

  • Organised Religion: The Church of Turaer is a fairly widespread religion, with (naturally) strict adherence to its doctrines. Obedience, stoicism, justice, rational thinking - concepts like these are highly valued by the Church and its followers. Of course it's not perfect - more than a few mobs have been whipped into a (very disorderly) frenzy by fiery priests - but they try :P .
  • Lesser Powers: The more one dedicates oneself to Turaer, the more one adopts traits that reflect Turaer's power. It could be maintaining control over a class of students better, resisting magic / TF guns etc (well, if they existed :P ), or inspiring the troops to greater acts.
  • Greater Powers: Most of the powers granted to Turaer's priests and the like are designed to encourage belief in him. Whilst some are more for show than anything else, others have serious benefits, from curing an "unnatural" wound to determining the truth of a witness in court. Most are protective or "support" spells.
  • Champions of Turaer: These are soldiers who have dedicated themselves wholly to Turaer. Weapons and armour are empowered by powerful offensive and defensive spells, and their Lesser Powers are far beyond those of most other believers (eg, magical attacks against them are unlikely to do much). Most fall into two categories: front-line soldiers, and commanders. Whilst the former tend to take the fight to the enemy face to face, the latter tend to find their battle plans working better than expected, or their army fighting harder. A battle between two armies lead by such people is thus usually a bloody affair...
  • Allies: Possibly Cruach (Turaer has a big thing about soldiers after all, but won't like random bloodshed)
  • Enemies: Almost certainly Chewy

High Cathedral of Turaer

Built in the rich Duchy of Cimmeros, the High Cathedral is a towering monument to Turaer's global reach. The biggest cathedral in the world, it mounts a mile-long nave capable of seating thousands of worshippers, whilst the ceiling above is decorated with scenes of heaven and the glory of Turaer. The architecture of the place is such that whoever is in the pulpit can project his voice fairly easily to the entire congregation (although many continue to use minor spells to aid them in this).
Such is the concentrated power of Turaer within the High Cathedral that rival gods find it supremely difficult to touch anyone - or anything - inside with their influence. This was used to great effect when the people of Cimmeros revolted two hundred years ago: the Duke at the time was able to lead them into the cathedral, where Turaer's influence was able to quell the revolt and restore order.

Heaven & Hell

The heaven presided over by Turaer is in every detail an earthly paradise: rolling hills, beautiful countryside, with elegant classical structures dotting the landscape and fitting perfectly with the surrounding world. The House of Turaer houses the ruler of this domain and his divine servants, particularly the Varda.
The Varda are all-female angels, clad in white cloth and polished gold armour. Rather than feathered wings they fly upon twisting, ethereal ones. When the gods war upon one another they form the bulk of Turaer's divine army, led by their Varda Captains and a Varda Marshal.
Occasionally, Varda have been seen amongst mortals, where their presence is seen as a mark of greatness from Turaer. A very few of Turaer's Divine Champions have even been able to request their aid, although there's never been a documented case of two Varda fighting one another.
The White Dragons meanwhile are something of a mystery to students of the divine realms. Appearing as an angular, almost crystalline dragon trailing streams of diffuse white light, it's not known where they come from or even if they are related to real dragons. Rarely seen even in Turaer's heaven, they appear to roost within his house, only coming out in emergencies or to fight alongside the Varda. Able to shoot beams of brilliant sunlight hot enough to even melt steel from their mouths, they are not to be taken lightly.

In contrast, there does not seem to be any true hell for Turaer's church: those souls not claimed by one of his rivals seem to be consigned to oblivion rather than an eternity in one hell or another.

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