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Transgenics was the story of a group of Genetically modified creations attempting to escape the from the clutches of NEXstep transgenics.

It was GM'd by Cameo.



There was a corporation. It was called Nexstep. It specialized in the creation of many things.

and it was a shady corporation, developing many beings to use as walking weapons, living tools of destruction.

And they did test them, to the brink of destruction.

And the creations were many and of diverse opinion on the matter. And many wished for escape and freedom, for none had seen the sun since they were born.

And so they made a bid for freedom one fateful night, to escape the NEXstep Corporation forever...

or die trying.



Although it never finished, a majority of the experiments managed to escape into the woods surrounding the complex they were living in and make it to the house of a not so friendly old man, who allowed them to spend the night because they were being guided by the Soldier. The next morning dawned, with a decision for the group to make: Who wanted to help Lurcat save the librarians daughter?

oh, and there were sandwhiches to be consumed. So they had breakfast. With sandwhiches.

Cause of Death

  • It was said by one of the members of this RP that once the first major plot arc was closed, the RP began to die.

(argument and its starting point removed)

Post-Death Squabbling

Some members of the RP believed that Squato's implementation of a major plot point was flawed enough to hasten or even cause the death of the RP; Cameo added this view of events, for the sake of completeness, to this wiki article and it sparked much arguing.

The original reply was from a rather irate Squato, posted directly in the article; Cameo then posted her defense in the article as well, followed by a long, angry reply from Squato.

Cameo then took it to a thread on Mayhem, where the original statements were reposted and the posters who had the original issue were invited to reply. A few, such as BinaryWraith, did; others (most notably Lomgren and FerretBob) just wanted everyone to take it off Mayhem and move on.

Then the two of them had a long MSN conversation about it, in which much debate was had. The actual amount of progress made is up for debate, but both seem to have cooled down, if nothing else, afterwards.


There is currently an attempt to make a second Transgenics RP. It has begun and includes several characters from the first. May it fare better than its predecessor.

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