The Pavilion of Peace

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It's very peaceful.

It is kept that way by a powerful enchantment, that prevents any harm from being done to anyone within it. It does not, however, heal existing wounds or status problems. Also, because of its nature, it can not be teleported into from outside.

Detailed description

It is a small Demi-plane, approximately 50 feet wide, 100 feet long, and 20 feet tall. It appears to go farther, but if you try, you go nowhere, as if on a treadmill. It looks almost exactly like the Meadow, except for the banquet tables that always have hot (or cold) delicious food of nearly every type imaginable. Time passes at a similar rate to the outside world, although the nights are shorter, with sunset and sunrise lasting about three hours each, and true night only lasting about four hours. There is always enough moonlight and starlight to see well enough at night, but not so much that it would interfere with sleep. The weather is always comfortable, with a light breeze and puffy clouds, but never rain.

There is a marble archway on the Southern edge of the Pavilion that leads to the Meadow, another on the Northern side that leads to the Snowfield, and a third on the West edge that leads to the Valley near Ser's house.

Aside from the portals leading to the realms of LPW, the Pavilion is completely isolated from other planes of existence. This quirk makes it nearly impossible to teleport within, out of, or into the Pavilion. Extremely powerful methods of planar travel may be able to reach the Pavilion, but such entries (or exits) require manual mending by Jeremy as a result of the plane's artificial nature. Jeremy may respond aggressively to those who do so purposefully, partially because he is tasked with the security of the Pavilion and the wellbeing of it's occupants, partially because he loathes the task.

The Dollhouse is located in it, on a table of its own.

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