The Island

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The Island is where the passengers on El Cheapo Airlines Flight 13 ended up after their plane crashed. It was already home to former passengers of previous El Cheapo flights.

It is not, in fact, Quazgor the Carnivorous Whale Monster.

Map and Major Locations


  • Ocean- Pretty self-explanatory, really. Things crash there.
    • Kwaktonium-743 Bomb Impact Site- The spot where a wussy nuke from The Giant Spaceship Thing O' Doomness hit the water.
    • Alucard Impact Site- The spot where the once-proud spaceship the Alucard hit the ocean after being turned into a regular ocean-type battleship by the Hammer o' Justice.
  • Beach- Where people wash up after above crashes.
    • Specific Stretch Of Beach- Where everyone concerned happened to wash up.
  • Jungle- Lots of trees and stuff. Beware of the Following Plants.
  • Mountain- Was hit twice by lasers. Was once thought to be pretty insignificant until a hole was blown in it by the impact of the Alucard, revealing...
    • The Crystal Cavern- The former magma chamber of the mountain. Strange and rather dubious glowing blue fungus grows on the walls, and in the centre is a crystal which, when the sun shines directly down the vent and onto it (at midday), lights up "like a vhai-ing flashbulb or something", according to Liona Sabarac. The effects of moonlight on the crystal are unknown. Consuming the fungus will transport whoever eats it to...
      • The Astral Plane- An airliner that was pulled out of our world and into another on a routine flight over the Pacific. Nobody on the flight knew exactly how, but they had seen a mysterious purple light hit their plane as they were flying over a certain island just before they vanished. Time passes infinitely slowly on the plane. They disappeared about a month ago in our world, but from their point of view, it has been five long years. The outside of the plane is coated in the blue fungus from the cavern, and mysteriously, the plane never runs out of fuel, food or drinks. Many of the passengers have committed suicide from the despair of it all, and vanished from the plane to provide food for the Following Plants in our world. The only thing stopping the pilot from doing so is that someone has to fly the damn thing.
      • A small hole at the far side of the cavern with a rope ladder leads to a dark passage, at the other end of which is a sheer drop down the mountain. Nobody knows why.
  • Space- Is big. Really big. And dark. Not really part of the island per se, but included here anyway.
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