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The writer for the Evil Overlords United comic. Appears and disappears into the shadows when posting, to avoid being set upon by the EGS Defence Force.

~~the shadows move slightly, and green scaled fingers etch additional words onto the surface~~

And on a side note, he has also now found the Wiki used for the defence forces, and is highly amused by their attempts at defeating the EOU. However, the Editor would like to point out just how futile said efforts really are, and to laugh merrily at the pathetic attempts.

It is only a matter of time.

~~the words complete, the hands withdraw back into the shadows again and disappear~~

Ankhareon notes his lack of experience in attacking forums, especially as he has not yet set foot in mayhem

~~Are you ABSOLUTELY sure about this, my friend?~~

~~And on a side note, as a naga, it's physically impossible for me to have set a foot ANYWHERE, unless it's a dismembered foot from somewhere else...~~

Ciennas Comments that he definately hasn't tried invading THIS forum then, otherwise he would have experienced the joys of feet at least once roughly sixteen seconds upon arrival.


He also notes the strong possibility of experiencing the joys of estrogen at the same time.

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