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Another character used by Teleros in the defence of EGS. He's responsible for setting up the Office of Intelligence as part of the EGS Defence Force. With his black uniform, peaked cap and aloof, sinister gaze, the telepathic Major Black is - in uniform at least - the very image of a thought policeman.


Character Information

  • Name: Major Adam Black
  • Organisation: Department of Intelligence, Section 8 (DI8)
  • Age: 188
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Human (genetically modified, see below)
  • Height: 5ft 10"
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Hair: Black, combed backwards
  • Telepathic Rating: T55
  • Font Colour: Green

Personality: Quite how Major Black acts to you depends very much on whether he considers you a friend and whether he's in uniform or not. To his friends he's a great guy and someone who you'd happily share a pint with. In uniform however he is very different, playing the part of the sinister, aloof and unperturbable thought policeman that most people imagine when they think of DI8 officers. So naturally does he do it that it's almost like he has two distinct personalities. He is a consummate actor though, and in the past has played many varied roles whilst working undercover.
He's also known for his like of cigars & whiskey, particularly when off-duty.


He is also trained to use the equipment used by SCOs.

  • T41 Pulse Pistol: With a range limited only by the accuracy of its user (at least on a planetary scale), the T41 pulse pistol is essentially a miniature version of the T41 pulse rifle used by the military.
  • Pulse Sword: See Lt Webb's entry.
  • Telepathic Grenades: These range in size from a 5p coin to ones the size of a fist, and can either be set to target a specific person up to a parsec away or a large area of effect - up to planetary scales for the largest models. At full power a T-Bomb (as they are also known) can operate continuously for up to a month, requiring 24/7 protection if you're its target. The maximum level of output is equivalent to a T52 telepath.
  • TF Shield: Duplicated from Lt Webb's model.
  • Shield Generator: A full-body meteorite, pulse and EM shield generator, capable of stopping 10MJ pulse or kinetic energy impacts and 5GJ electromagnetic ones.
  • Datapad: An A5-sized, half-inch thick computer, complete with screen, keyboard and holographic projector. Generally used to display information etc rather than do calculations.
  • Holopen: When activated, lets you draw holographic images in midair. Up to 16 pre-set colours can be used (to reduce the number of buttons on the Holopen, although a bigger palette exists as a hologram). Very useful for working out information on the fly, all images (including history) can be saved to the holopen’s hard drive.
  • T-Manipulator: A tiny forcefield generator capable of receiving the Major's thoughts alone, it can be used to manipulate small objects. Somewhat like the latest incarnation of the Sonic Screwdriver.


  • Telepathy in the Terran Alliance universe is, for all intents and purposes, instantaneous and unlimited in range: real-time conversations can be held with beings at the other end of the universe. It's also invisible, although telepaths can "see" telepathic attacks and shields.
  • Telekinesis however is impossible: no mind possesses the sheer energy required to manipulate matter over a distance.
  • Telepaths are rated with a "T Number". Only T20s and above can join DI8 - at that level and with the proper training they can simultaneously mind control several dozen people.

Genetic Modifications

  • Ageing: As seen with the Major's age, the human ageing process has been slowed considerably, and people can and do easily live for several centuries before needing a replacement body.
  • Immune System: Since humans first expanded into space, genetic modification was used to make the immune system much tougher than it normally is. This is further enhanced for soldiers, so that the immune system will react strongly and quickly against even newly-encountered diseases, poisons and the like.
  • Resistance to Radiation: Again, genetic modification has been used to copy the high levels of resistance present in some bacteria and other life forms, to allow people to survive thousands of times the radiation doses that would kill ordinary people, even without the highly advanced medical science of the Terran Alliance.


  • Much of the time, Black can be found in civilian clothing: he tends to go for either business suits or at least trousers & shirt; he doesn't like t-shirts, jeans or trainers.
  • His uniform is deliberately designed to appear sinister however. Mostly black, with a peaked cap, gloves, boots and little in the way of decoration, it's easy to see why most people keep DI officers at a distance if possible.
  • Either way, he likes his black sunglasses.
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