Dirty Dirty Catgirl

From Egs Mayhem

The infamous catgirl herself!


Dirty Dirty Catgirl (DDC for short) is not all that dirty, as her name implies. NO, the Ds are not abbreviations alluding to the sizes of anything in particular. As stated in DDC's sig "I chose my user name on a whim - I meant it in a 'teehee, a user name with catgirl in it that's slightly provocative? That's so EGS!' way and not a 'sex crazed skanky ho' kind of way." Lacking in the self restraint department, DDC will often glomp people she has no business glomping. When not tackeling random strangers[1], she enjoys shooting them with her TFG.


Joined March 8th, 2007, DDC is still a newb. However, she participates in forum discussions as often as possible and tries to make a name for herself as a happy, optmistic bunny. She has befriended a few regular bunnies, including Lomgren and CPUX Also, she is very bad at this type of editing *flrrd!!!*

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