Chaotic Intentions

From Egs Mayhem

A (very) loose RP created by Tacharan for all kinds of craziness.

Opening Post

I am bored beyond bored. So this is my little rp place for randomness, fun, and role playing that doesn't have a set least not yet I suppose. Anyone is free to join in. I reserve the right to kick out someone who is causing someone real life stress and problems. (Insert all that fun GM type fine print here) You can play any kind of creature in existance, this place is a place that includes magic. Yay! Time to start.

Tacharan pops into a pocket of the universe not yet developed into anything. Being empty space and unclaimed, she sticks a sign with the word "Vote Tacharan for Evil Overlord, Dictator to All" into thin air and creates a whole world in a matter of seconds. However, it's really only a specific town she cares about and in that town a park where she sets up a table to give little kids pet snakes and sour candies.

"Let there be life! Muwahahahaha!"

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