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A character created by Teleros for The World We Live In RP.


  • Name: Arcia
  • Domains: Space-time
  • Usual Appearance: Usually that of a young woman from one of the sapient species.
  • Chosen Race: No specific race - she doesn't see the need.
  • Personality: Fun-loving, compassionate, enthusiastic, full of life - on the surface at least. The fact is, as goddess of time she knows full well the end of the universe and all that, and so throws herself into the fun of life rather than face the eternity of a universe without stars or even whole atoms. This is just another world she's happened upon and is enjoying whilst it lasts.
  • Lesser Powers: Those who prove especially dedicated in following Arcia & trying to understand her domain have been known to be able to teleport short distances. Most cannot go much more than a few miles, and the further travelled the more tiring it is.
  • Greater Powers: The most dedicated and curious investigators of time (as opposed to mere worshippers) have been known to be able to hop forwards in time - but never backwards, in order to preserve the timeline. Many of these time travellers are scattered throughout the timeline of the world. Causality doesn't seem to mind either - in fact, Turaer is the one most bothered about this!


Being god or goddess of time sounds great to most - but it has its downsides. When you know of the utterly boring heat death that awaits the end of the universe - an eternity of utter boredom when even black holes have given up the ghost - then it doesn't sound so great, does it?
This is the future Arcia is perpetually running from, choosing instead to visit world after world to enjoy and experience it. It is for this reason she's decided to visit this world too: to take her mind of the inevitable end and enjoy life.

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