Amber MacFarlane

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Amber MacFarlane is a fifteen-year-old G-Hume, originally from Vancouver, Canada, who recently joined Aesir. She has pale blonde hair with bright red bangs (fringe to UK-bunnies) - her hair will grow in these colours from this point onwards, although it was naturally a mousy shade of lightish brown before she was affected by the Genesis Star - and the ability to generate spherical, barely-visible force fields (which she sometimes calls 'force balls' or shortens to 'force spheres').

Amber recently became Kylen Phylar's loving girlfriend; she was his first serious romantic relationship, although she'd had relatively casual and short-lived romantic encounters (primarily with a boy named Sebastian) before. She's also bisexual, although how she found this out is also a mystery as of now.

Amber sneezes when her nose is manipulated (beyond a light touch). This may be exclusive to Kylen, since he's the only one who's touched her nose in the RP, but we don't know if it is or not for that very reason. Either way, the cause of such is unknown.

Amber enjoys dyeing her hair bright, widely-varying colours, something she did often prior to the start of the RP, as well as making drastic changes to her hairstyle. The first time she did this was when she streaked it with purple at the age of twelve, although her first drastic change was curling it and dyeing it sky-blue shortly after her thirteenth birthday. At one point, this was frequent enough for her classmates to take bets on when she'd change it next and what color it would be.

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