Alexander Stanley

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A character used by Teleros for the Nest RP. A shapeshifting assassin with a focus on mental powers.


Character Information

  • Name: Alexander Stanley (usually just Alex on account of the gender- / shape- shifting)
  • Age: 21
  • Default Gender: Male
  • Default Height: 5ft 10"
  • Default Hair: Light brown, side parting
  • Telepathic Rating: T8
  • Font Colour: Cyan


  • One of the older experiments by Department Q, he initially tried to escape, but was captured when the head of department threatened to have the other experiments killed.
  • He's already completed several missions successfully, from merely influencing someone to killing them.
  • Partly as a result of his status as one of the older experiments, he was never given a code-name, and still hasn't.


  • On the inside he's a fairly altruistic person with a good sense of humour. However he takes a while to warm to people.
  • On the inside he's also something of a chameleon, alwys trying to fit in with other people.
  • On the outside he's usually very reserved, with a tight lid on his emotions. Of course this changes if he's on a mission.
  • He's also very difficult to surprise or perturb. He'll almost never show much emotion unless playing the part of someone.
  • His mind is quite rational and calculating.
  • He likes his understatements - the bigger the better too, of course.
  • Want to lighten him up? Give him a bottle or two of wine. He's too much of a control freak to let himself get drunk though.
  • Speaking of alcohol, yes he can handle a lot of it. Moving in certain rarefied circles means being able to take lots of the stuff is a necessity.
  • Thanks to his training & abilities, he's very self-confident.
  • He usually flips between being very direct and to the point and very circumspect when talking - it depends on the situation.


  • Like Grace, he can mix and match as he likes. However, he's almost always in a human or near-human form.

Other Powers

  • He's got powerful telepathic abilities, and some telekinetic ones - although like Grace, he needs to transform into a more powerful form to use these well.
  • His omega form is fairly similar to Grace's, but with considerably less fur and more uryuom-like antennae.
  • Whilst he's had little training in melee combat, he's physically fairly fit, and has had some training with various firearms. He's not that hard to beat in a fight though - he simply hasn't had enough training.
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