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Zhong is a god of Supreme Effort and Attempting the Impossible for the Parthenon High RP. His player is Blinkdog.


Vital Stats

  • Name: Zhong
  • Domain: Supreme Effort and Attempting the Impossible
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 16, might actually be 16


Zhong, for some reason, looks like a relatively normal (If a bit scrawny) teenager. He has short, wildly spiky black hair, and he always wears a headband. The headband changes based on what he is doing at the time. Otherwise, he has a pretty normal outfit.


Intense. Zhong is enthusiastic about everything he does. He goes all-out in every way, and only stops when he’s absolutely certain he has completed his task to the extent of his ability, and even then he sometimes goes even further. He always seems like he’s shouting, even when his voice isn’t all that loud. It can be hard to keep up with him, but he never asks for help, and he never tries to get people to do more than they are capable of. He might encourage someone to put more effort into something, but only if they have the ability to do so. He wouldn’t get on an exhausted runner’s case to go another lap. An odd quirk, if any activity would not challenge him to use the full extent of his abilities, he makes it more difficult. Brushing his teeth while doing a hand-stand, doing his homework in a den of hungry wolves, that sort of thing. He also has a bad habit of doing things that are difficult or even impossible just because they are difficult or impossible.


Zhong probably came from somewhere in China. He doesn’t talk about his past, or seem to care. He sees the past as something that one gains experience from, and nothing else.


Zhong is almost completely mortal, and only the fact that he has the aura of a deity is anyone convinced that he is one. He never seems to run out of energy though, and even the most dangerous looking wound does not seem to slow him down. It’s important to note that his domains are Effort and trying the impossible, not necessarily succeeding at these things.

Zhong also has an almost limitlessly high potential, as any skill, attribute or ability he uses to it's fullest extent will (slowly) grow in power. It is a linear growth though, not the crazy exponential growth most anime characters experience.

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