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Ok...where to start?....as a Forum Bunny he's relativly young, only been active since September of '06. As a Comic Bunny however, been around since the start of the Party Recuiting Arc.

The Council

The Organization that tries to maintain a sense of order within the psyche of The one know as Zerras.

Zerras: The Lead Mind, The most well known voice on the forums.

Augie: The other Lead Mind, Is to be considered Zerras' Twin Sister. She is based in real-life as much as Zerras.

Toni: The Muse of Written Works, Rather violent and dark minded.

Vkthsu: The Muse of Music, is a mute and is reliant on signs, sign language, and music to communicate.

Maya: The Muse of Code, "Fun Math", and Programming, Tend to always be in a hurry and never makes notes.


Not exactly sane (but then again neither is the majority of the bunnies), Likes explosions! and Caffiene! and Fire! yes we like the fire, Precious......


GM History

responsible for far too many RP's

--dead ones--


Un-Sung Heroes of Kilo-Site

Zealot's Impasse

Staring Down the Barrel

Black Rose War

Brown Dwarf Ramble

City 51

Note from the A.D.M.I.N

The A.D.M.I.N would like to announce their strong disapproval of requests that any bunny be "shunned". We have removed the GAC's note on this particular page due to its personal and mean-spirited character. We do not take any stand on Zerras' writing habits or style, and would like to remind the GAC that we have its founders' IP and know his/her identity, and that she/he is hardly one to talk. Insert rolly eyes here, please.

The "shun him" was a joke, according to the member that placed it there , and they have been thoroughly scolded for not considering how badly it could have gone over (and did go over). - Grand Author Council

Bios using this name

Moperville 2.0 Bio --- Name: Zerras Z Zeranati Age: 18 Gender: m Race: mexican Place of Birth: Michigan

Physical description: (6'1", 140, bwn eyes, black long shoulder length, very skinny, wears A LOT of black clothing with drapped with at least 3' of chains on each leg of his pants.)

Personality: (Extremly twitchy and parinoid, tends to go on rants and conspracy therioes, looks very gothic. straight)

Brief history: (Not much of an extrodinary student but somehow managed to be "Invited" to goto Moperville. Said to have been expelled from his last school for chewing out a teacher and changing his grades. Refuses to talk about his family.)

Abilities: (decent dj, decent fighter, average athlete,can eat A LOT.)

Weaknesses: (Rather anti-social, tends to have crippiling headaches when deprived of caffiene)

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