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Reaver225's fully autonomous Artificial Intelligence. Part of the Aspatial Institute.

Character Information

Twelve usually appears as a holograph of a small blue woman made of millions of lines of code. This can of course change per setting, and has various different forms including a sword, a user interface and a spirit familiar. She is in several different RPs, and various copies of her resides in the RAI's hard drive, Amon Star's got one on his PDA, and there's one in a humanoid suit over in the Wotch forums.


Generally cheerful, Twelve is helpful and kind when convenient. However, as with most A.I. she can make decisions without emotion or subjectivity very easily. She generally leaves well enough alone since interference in matters usually just leads to needing more interference. (Personality may change from RP to RP. Terms and conditions apply)


Twelve has no central system, no permanent hardware. She exists purely as software code. With that in mind, she has highly effective hacking algorithms allowing her to access practically any electronic system that has a data input and can 'possess' any computer system that can hold sufficient memory to allow an artificial intelligence to exist inside it. If given access to enough computing power and resources, she can build algorithms to do effectively anything, for example hack into organic brains and overwrite them, co-ordinate huge numbers of teleportation systems/point defense targets, do a search through several different dimensions of data and do your bank returns swiftly and correctly. A couple of weakness in her design is that without a hard copy she is at risk of corruption (which is usually offset by her making a backup of herself every now and again) and as she is only data there can be no wired limits to her conscience (unlike the RAI, for example).


   I'll sing you twelve, O
   Green grow the rushes, O
   What are your twelve, O?
   Twelve for the twelve Apostles...
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