The Shield and Shape

From Egs Mayhem

"Welcome to The Shield and Shape library and magik shoppe."

The Likal Brothers run a magic shop called The Shield and Shape in the town square. They also keep most of their large book collection on display there. The shelves are lined with books, scrolls, potions, and a few oddities. While some of the scrolls are magical, most are mundane coupons to have a spell cast by one of the brothers themselves. The books range from the mundane (mostly non-fiction), to the slightly magical (spellbooks), to the potent (magical books with various effects), although the latter are fairly rare. The oddities scattered around the shop are just that: various things that the brothers picked up in their travels across the planes. More dangerous things are kept in the basement; volatile spell components, cursed items, tomes of dangerous and forbiden spells, and a few pieces of strange technology. Most of them are kept well locked away in safes of various materials ranging from solid stone to steel to adamantium, and all the safes are Arcane Locked and sealed to the floor. Also in the basement is a door to a tunnel that leads to the Burrow.

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