The Hammer o' Justice

From Egs Mayhem

The Hammer o' Justice is either ChibiMe's greatest weapon, his greatest accomplishment, or both. It is a space station some three and a half miles in diameter, armed to the teeth with missiles, lasers, phasers, photon torpedoes, mortars, Combat Drones, a wide variety of painful magical effects, a medium-sized fleet of fighter-ships, and two railguns designed to fire asteroids at the planet below. It serves as the base of operations for ChibiMe, and as a home base to himself and Auth. It is essentially sentient, for every aspect of the Ho'J is controlled by Computer, one of ChibiMe's few self-aware creations (the others being Auth and Gingivox).

In the wake of VOR's long absence, it has been run by Ta, who long ago snuck his way into Computer's ADMIN setting. Ta used it in the Crossover Wars, or rather brought it there and allowed it to use itself. In the wake of the strange events that followed, the Hammer o' Justice underwent Program SGR-7, which apparently involved the strip-mining of a planet for raw materials. It vanished for a while and has just returned almost two thousand miles in diameter and with vastly improved weaponry, including a TARVIS device at the tips of its railguns. It is unclear to what use it intends to put its newfound power, but it's sure that it will eventually put it to use.


All of the Hammer o' Justice's defense arrays have their generators housed inside their own protective field, and the fields can be reshaped and compartmentalized anywhere within a four-mile radius of the Ho'J.


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