The Great Migration

From Egs Mayhem

Alas, the glory days of Mayhem were not to last. For several years, bunnies had gambolled, frolicked, and had endless fun in Mayhem.

On January 26th, 2009, Lord Shive announced that EGS was moving from Keenspot to be hosted elsewhere. New forums were established at the 910 Forums, which left Mayhem's future in dire straits. A mass of bunnies fled Keenspot in the wake of the announcement.

As of January 29th, 2009, Mayhem is to remain open, with Anti-Paragon and TingYi appointed as moderators, and the removal of "EGS" from its title. This has actually gone more smoothly than many bunnies feared.

Mayhem is still Mayhem. Many bunnies have chosen to be active in both forums, others have chosen to remain exclusively members of Mayhem.

There is currently (as of February 2009) some debate in progress as to what the people of Mayhem should now call themselves; the current favourite seems to be "Mayhemites".

Update April 2009: "Mayhemites" appears to be the official term adopted by the People of Mayhem.

List of Bunnies who have chosen to remain solely Mayhemites

  • Anti-Paragon
  • Author-Man
  • Drayco
  • TingYi
  • Cameo
  • Malachy19
  • KGirl1992
  • PixelHead777
  • Grim Atescu
  • Piane
  • Yun
  • Nokvok

and many, many more.

Bunnies who have chosen to frequent both forums

  • MDM
  • OzLionHeart
  • Cheez

and others.

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